Different values for the number of tracks in my library

Hello, Team Roon. I had a strange glitch this morning during which time I could not connect to Roon. To solve, I rebooted Roon on my i7 server and rebooted my cable modem, router and switch into which my sonictransporter and my i7 server are plugged. This brought Roon back up.

After the reboot, on the Overview page, the total track count reads as 212,474. When I click on the Tracks link, it states that all Tracks is 111,904, which is closer to the number that was on the Overview page before the glitch and reboot. Settings/Library Maintenance reports no files for cleanup.

So where did these 100K of tracks suddenly show up from?

I bet the answer is in my log file, which I know how to find but not how to interpret. And it’s unclear to me whether that log file should be publicly shared, so I will await your instructions as to whether I should PM the log file to the Roon team for a look.

Thanks much. JCR

Hi Jeffrey,

I’ve popped your thread into Software as it seems like an information request rather than a functionality issue. Let’s flag @support to see if they can shed some light on what you’re seeing.