Different View - different number of Albums and Tracks

(Dirk De Taey) #1

Maybe already brought forward, but cannot find a definitive answer on the following.

Looking at the Overview screen, number of Albums = 3376 and number of Track = 49851

Looking at Album view , number of Albums = 3116 , a minus of 260 albums

Looking at Track view, number of Tracks = 46735, a minus of 3116 tracks

I have been wondering about possible reasons - different album versions, qobuz ‘duplicate’ versions, multi-cd set, boxsets, … - but nothing make sense to me in relation to the difference in numbers.

Any thoughts, or even better, explanations for this behaviour?

(Geoff Coupe) #2

I notice that I’ve got a small discrepancy as well: 1935 albums, 36498 tracks in Overview versus 1920 albums in the Album browser and 36241 tracks in the Track browser…

Edit: however, if I “show hidden albums” (in Settings/General), then everything matches up. Is it possible that you have a large number of duplicates?

(Dirk De Taey) #3

Hi Geoff

As suggested I have enable ‘show hidden albums’ (Roon Stable build)

Overview screen : number of Albums = 3376 and number of Tracks = 49851 , so no change here
Album view : number of Albums = 3376
Number of Tracks = 49851
So now the numbers add up.

I do have a number of duplicates, but I would be surprised there are that many.
It depends of course on the definition of duplicates in Roon. Couple of examples:

When I inspect on Duplicates, I get 454 albums
3 Duplicate albums on Qobuz, 451 albums lon local storage

So this explains indeed the differences. Thanks.


(Brian) #4

Use Focus > inspector > duplicates

(Geoff Coupe) #5

In the Album browser… (not present in the Track browser)…