Different zones for different DSP settings with the same endpoints


My DAC is connected to my speakers, but also use it with headphones. It would be really convenient to be able to define different zones for the same endpoints to facilitate switching between various audio settings, such as DSP or others, without having to go into the audio settings and changing them.


great idea! It would make things a lot easier nowadays with all these do-it-all machines like Brooklyn or Polaris.

I would like to put my voice to this request as well. I would like a virtual zone definition so that I could have a zone that represents my setup for use with speakers and another, using the same hardware endpoint, but with headphones.

I use convolution and crossfeed, respectively.

+1 from me, same use case - I think this has also come up on other threads in the past. Alternatively, if switching between DSP presets was quicker and could be done from mobiles (e.g. A dropdown in the signal path), Iā€™d be happy enough with that.