Difficult to Press the “More...” Arrow on iPhone

Small UI suggestion

I find the link target to expand the info about an album very difficult to select at times. Even on a larger phone the target seems small, and I end up stabbing at it a few times to get it to work, or in some cases end up selecting a hyperlink from the truncated text above, like in the screenshot provided, where the “Pavement” link is precariously close to the button I’m trying to click.

I see there is a related thread that also mentions the issue.

As @extracampine mentions, I didn’t realize either until just now that you could simply click on the text and it would expand. That helps immensely now that I know about it, but in link heavy text might be problematic, and isn’t intuitive.

Not sure if reporting these issues are helpful as you iterate on designs.


Lol…I didn’t realize that either. Like you, I had issues with the small arrow.

Good to know I can just touch the text. :+1:

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