Difficulties adding albums

Nucleus core


DCS Bartok connected to nucleus

Adding albuns takes too long and in the end it does not display cover

What remote are you using. What are the details of the roon levels and your network.

Thank you
I’m using Roon app in iPad Pro and iPhone 8
How do I check Roon “levels”? What details of the network do you refer?

I think ged is referring to the Roon Builds in Settings==>About.

Another screen print, perhaps?


Looks like a network problem. Whatever that may be.

I’ll tag @support for you, but it’s the weekend, so…

Hi @Fernando_Macario

Can you please share a screenshot of your Nucleus Web UI?

Is there any change in behavior if you try to reboot the Nucleus via the WebUI?

Did a reset to factory settings, a re-installing of the operating system, restart of roon server software and everithing seems to be working now. Thank you so much for all the support. It helped me navigating through yhis.

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Hello @Fernando_Macario,

Thank you for letting us know you were able to resolve this issue by performing the factory reset!
If you require any further assistance in the future with Roon, please just let us know!

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