Difficulties in adding tag to songs

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Big sur; iOS 14.6, Nucleus+

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Situation: I am exploring new music, and listens to a song which I want to tag. For instance I have a tag called “Tender piano”. The tag option does not appear when selecting the three dots. It does appear when I want to tag a song that is already in my library. But with a new song, it involves a lot of effort - I have to import it to the library; close Roon; open it up again; find the song that now is listed in the library, and only THEN can I assign it to the tag.

Is this by design, or do I need to correct some setting in Roon? (praying that it is not by design!).

By design. You cannot tag anything until it is in your library and thereby has a database entry to attach the tag to.

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Thanks, ok.
I should maybe use playlists for this purpose instead then.

thanks again

OK, but be aware that if you ever want to Export a playlist, only locally stored files will be included.

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