Difficulty adding album artwork. Please help

I need to add album artwork to Roon. When I go to “Add a image” these pop-up windows appear. How do I add the album artwork from clipboard? The album art is in my iPhoto library but I don’t know what the URL is? Thanks.

Hi David,
Never tried it on an iPad, but do you also have a Mac/Windows PC with the Roon remote app installed? Then you can easily browse to an image or even drag it in.
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You might be running into some restrictions (e.g. copyright) on copying. I have.

Does all artwork get rejected?

If the album artwork file is in the same folder as the audio files that roon uses to access your library, roon will automatically pick up the album artwork.

On an iPad, you can only paste in an image from the web.
On a Mac or Windows machine, you can do more.