Difficulty connecting Nucleus to network; unable to access via browser (ref#BGWNGM)

Is Roon Server running?

· No, Roon Server is not running.

For Roon connectivity to work properly, both Roon Server and Roon Remote need to be turned on.

· Roon Server is on, but I'm still having trouble connecting.

What do you see on your screen?

· I see something else

When you try to connect, what screen do you see?

· I see something else

Please try to restart your Roon Server by closing the Roon app in the taskbar or rebooting your Roon Server machine.

· No, the issue remains the same

Please try to restart your network setup by unplugging, waiting 30 seconds and then replugging in your networking gear.

· No, the issue remains the same

Please select how you've connected your Roon Server to the internet

· Roon Server is connected by *Ethernet*

Have you checked your firewall settings to ensure that Roon is allowed through?

· Roon still won't connect even after checking this aspect

Have you verified that Roon Server is on the same subnet as your Remotes?

· My Remotes and Server are on the same subnet and I still can't connect

Sometimes the issues can be resolved with a reinstall of your Roon Remote app. Let's try to perform a reinstall and see if it helps.

· I've reinstalled the Roon Remote but it did not help

What is the operating system of your Roon Server host machine?

· *Nucleus*

Select any of the following components that are present in your local network setup

· None of the above

Describe the issue

I’m having an issue connecting the nucleus to network. I can’t find it on the network via my browser. This has happened before several times but it usually comes back after a few reboots of the nucleus.

Describe your network setup

Connected via Ethernet to a switch. I have two different switches on the network. Won’t connect using either one.

Can you connect a monitor or a TV to the HDMI socket on the Nucleus and post a photo of any messages that appear on the screen? Thanks.

I also have a Roon Nucleus +, which is now a $3500 BRICK. I updated Roon and the Nucleus went offline and will not show up when monitored connected directly to it. Roon SUPPORT has also not shown up. They initially responded (as did Geoff) and now, after > 2 months support is nonexistent. Hugely disappointed in the Roon Support.

Hi Geoff
You also initially tried to help me out with my Nucleus+ which was bricked after a Roon update. How many Nucleuses have you seen totally useless now?

I fixed mine for $29 by replacing the m.2

Hi Geoff,

It is attached via HDMI to TV. There is no output. Did a hard reboot, same thing.

Bill Howard

Did you not respond to the Private Message in the forum that @daniel sent you?

If there’s no output on the screen, the most likely cause is that the m.2 SSD needs replacing.

Two questions:

  • Is the unit still within the 2 year warranty period?
  • Did you buy it from a dealer or direct from Roon Labs?

Your answers will determine the next steps. Thanks.

I bought it in 2021 from a dealer Shelley’s Stereo in Woodland Hills, CA.

I bought it in 2021 from a dealer Shelley’s Stereo in Woodland Hills, CA

Right, so your best and cheapest option will be to buy a new m.2 SSD and replace the existing SSD. Install ROCK on it, then when it’s up and running with the ROCK version of RoonOS, alert @support, and they will upgrade it to the Nucleus version of RoonOS remotely.

Support will be along once your request reaches the head of their queue and provide you with the full details of what to do.

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Ok. Thanks. Should I involve my dealer?

Not unless he/she has done this before. This is a DIY project (which is straightforward to do). If you have qualms about doing it yourself, do you have a computer-savvy friend or relative who can assist?

Hi @William_Howard,

I see you need help manually replacing the SSDs in your Nucleus. The below steps will walk you through the process. If you have any question about what you are being asked to do please let me know and I’ll do my best to clarify. Note that you’ll need a USB drive for this process that you can connect to a computer, and then the Nucleus.

You can ignore the below section if you already have new SSDs

The first thing you’ll want to do is purchase a new SSD. Here is a link to one SSD option we recommend to many users:


And here is a short video on how to replace the SSD on your device: Nucleus SSD replacement.mp4

After that, you’ll need to format the SSD. We have a good help article you can find here for next steps. Start from step #3 :

Essentially, you’ll be flashing the ROCK OS to a USB drive, and using it to boot and format the new SSD in your Nucleus.

Once you’ve successfully flashed ROCK onto the new SSD, keep your Nucleus online and let me know. From there, we can update you to the Nucleus OS on our end.