Difficulty editing tracks to correctly identify composition

Hi. I have been using Roon only for a several months so sorry if this is an obvious question.

I am trying to fix a situation where tracks are not identified as instances of the same composition. For example, I have 3 performances of the song “Summertime Blues,” two by Springsteen and one by The Who. When I search compositions I only see one occurrence of this composition, correctly identified by composers Eddie Cochran and Jerry Capehart. But only the track by the Who is linked to that composition.

When I looked at the track Summertime Blues on the album 1978-08-09 The Agora… [nugs.net release] I noticed that Cochran and Capehart were listed in track credits as “Writers” so I edited the track and added them each as “composer.”

I tried rescaning after this edit but the track is still not recognized as the composition Summertime Blues by Cochran and Capehart.

And there is no “Go to Composition” option when I click on the track on the Springsteen Agora album.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Brian Reiser

You are not doing anything wrong. Very annoying problem in roon.

Hi, @Brian_Reiser, thanks for your report and sorry for a late reply. May I kindly ask you to zip these albums, which contain “Summertime Blues” ( Live at Leeds;1978-08-09: The Agore, Cleveland, OH, USA; 2013-07-11: Ippodromo Delle Capanelle, Rome, Italy) and upload them for us? I will contact you with more details via Private Message.

Thanks and happy holidays!