Difficulty reconnecting Roon bridge

Hi. Enjoying Roon very much. Recently put a ‘hobby’ streamer into a bedroom, using wifi.

Roon Core is connected to router w Ethernet, and runs on i7 from Small Green Computer. In new zone I have Allo USBridge Signature and Katana dac with good Lapsus. The player is Ropieee, and I’ve been using the wifi dongle Allo recommended.

I had a problem with the zone ‘dropping off’ of my Roon. To test if it was the wifi I moved setup into main room and ran for awhile wired. The problem disappeared, and I bought a mesh wifi extender from my router company. Now I am trying to get it to all running again over wifi.

At present I can see the Katana on my router’s app as an active part of the network, although the signal strength is low. I am able to configure the Ropieee through it’s GUI, reboot, etc. And on Roon I settings, I can see the Katana with it’s IP address listed as a Roon bridge in the About section.

However, the new zone does not appear at all in settings under Audio. Neither does it come up when I call up audio zones from the main, Now Playing screen. I have a feeling I am missing something simple, but am stuck (again!)

How can it be that Roon knows the bridge is there, what and where, an all - but the bridge does not show up in the Audio section so that I can set it up? Thanks in advance for any clues you might have for me

I am closing in on it, and early have this new audio zone working. I think because it is connected to network over wifi I’d like to improve that if I can.

It is Ropieee on an Allo USBridge Signature, with a Katana dac on top. Also nice LPSU. The dongle is from Allo too, recommended for the transport. I have another wifi dongle which also has a to Realtec (?) Chip, and which looks somehow better. It is Netis WF2151. I originally bought this for the project because it has the compatible chip, and the two antennae made me think it might work well. But I could not get it to work, do I got dongle from Allo.

The new zone has had intermitent ‘drop out’ problems, and I’m now putting it back together with a newmesh repeater in place with my router. I would like to also see if there is a way to have Ropieee work with the Netis dongle. It seems worth a try, but I can’t seem to make it work.

Does anyone know whether Ropieee can be ‘told’ to work with a particular wifi? Thanks for any ideas