Difficulty with 192/24 files only in Roon

Hello all, hopefully someone can help me get this sorted. I have my files all stored on a QNAP NAS which is also where Roon resides. I can log in and play most files in my music directory with the exception of 192/24 files. I’m generally logged in from my laptop playing the files from the NAS to a Bluesound Node and out via optical to a pair of Devialet Phantom Golds. It always shows Lossless in this configuration in the status and the sound is lovely. The problem comes when I try to play the 192/24 files. No errors are shown and I continue to see Lossless but I don’t get any sound. I can switch over to the Devialet Spark app and play the same files without any issues. I’m sure there is something dumb I’m overlooking but for the life of me I can’t get it to play. Any suggestions?

Is your DSP enabled and downsampling for compatibility?

TOSLINK (optical) may not work well with that high of a sample rate. It wasn’t designed to support 24/192 but it might with the right cable and devices. Then again, it might not. The Devialet Spark app may be downsampling.

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Not sure why it would need to be since all devices in the stream are capable of playing 192/24 files, but yes I have tried that as a troubleshooting step just to get it to play but it still isn’t working.

Helo. Is your toslink connected to your dialog or to one of your phantoms?

Directly to the phantom.

ok. I had problem with playing 192/24 files when connected to dialog, but all is ok when connected directly to one Phantom. My setup is: roon core – Oppo203(roon ready) and toslink to phantom. all wirt latest firmware.

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This post has an interesting sentence about a “problem” with the Bluesound Node:

Maybe that is the problem.

Fortunately that problem was solved quite a while back - it’s not the issue here though I can’t help with what is. I use a Node routinely at 24/192 to an external DAC but not via the optical - as winders also mentioned I’ve seen quite a few threads where the choice of optical cable has turned out to be critical. Might be worth asking on the Bluesound forum?

Edit: Just tried this with a QED optical cable - I can confirm that I can output 24/192 fine from the Node 2 via this route, so suggests either a cable problem or something speaker-side (I have no knowledge of the Phantoms).

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