Diggin' my Nucleus

Just received my first Roon Nucleus and set it up yesterday after Finally paying a service rip all of my CDs to AIFF. I opted for the base version and not the Nucleus+ because (a) I only have ~1,000 albums (I thought this was a lot until I got on this forum!) and (2) I have no need for Roon DSP as I will pass the files to a dCS DAC.

I also chose to purchase a 4TB Samsung 870 QVO SSD separately because I think that’s a good drive and I like to install components myself.

I have to say I am very impressed. The build quality is outstanding. The simplicity of the machine is wonderful. I had no issues setting up the product, formatting the drive, importing my library, finding a connected speaker, loading the app on my phone and playing music (I set the system up with a networked B&O speaker and not my main system).

As someone who occasionally leads software projects it is very impressive to consider the wide variety of platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, etc.) and devices (mobile, speakers, etc.) that Roon has to run on, and that the software actually works. Congratulations to @danny and the broader Roon team!

Yes, I know I could likely build a less expensive system myself but for me this was the right solution. I was done in two hours, with the majority of that time consumed by the file transfer : )

Only two minor suggestions to Roon are (a) the instruction website on installing the drive looks like it’s for an older version of the Nucleus and didn’t match my device (link below); and (b) the music import process could be a little clearer. I couldn’t figure out the “network” approach and so I just did copy-paste from Windows Explorer, using the directory path that Roon provided.

All in all, I’m really pleased with my purchase and stoked to have a product that I think can be my digital music server for many years to come.

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Nicely said and welcome to Roonworld!

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