DigiOne Acrylic vs Aluminum Case

I’m iterested in thoughts on best case for DigiOne? I like the coolness factor of the acrylic. I have read the alumnum allows the cpu to run cooler. But does it need to? Does it give better noise isolation? I intend to colocate the Player with my DAC.

I’ve both. The choice is aesthetic. From a practical perspective the aluminium case is well constructed and easier to keep clean … little dust ingress. Mine sits out of sight behind my DAC.

I have not had any problems with an acrylic case.

Is there any WLAN disadvantage with the Aluminium Case?

I think so. If you use the built-in antenna you will have with the aluminum case greater attenuation than with the acrylic one. How much attenuation? I guess, it depends on the signal level that reaches the built-in antenna.

However, you can always use an external USB dongle.

By the way, I have recently purchased a couple of digi boards (Allo DigiOne and HifiBerry Digi+ Pro) for a couple of Raspberry Pi, each one with its metallic case. But I am going to use Ethernet connection.

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