Digione and Ropiee - crackling sound, no sound from HiRes files

Hi, I just installed my newly obtained Allo DigiOne, with Rasp 3 running Ropieee (latest stable version). It is recognized in Roon, however right form powering up I get a clicks in my loudspeakers.

Also no music plays when I want to play 24bit 192Khz file in Roon (even though the timeline progress is visible in Roon), just some background noise.

Wav. ripped from CD-s and Tidal files play OK.

Switching PSU (5V, 3A) used to power Raspberry.

Any sugestions on what may have gone wrong and how to solve this issue?

Regards, Lu.

What does the Roon signal path say.? Was it a fresh install of Ropieee after you installed the Digi one?

Signal path looks OK.

Wifi can be a struggle for higher bitrates…are you LAN cable connected? 100Mbit?

Ethernet connection, CAT6 cable. Used to play HIRES files to Audiophonics DAC hat on same RPI 3 + Allo Kali without issues.

Ask Allo support, might be the digione is faulty. My USBridge is and they are sending out a replacement.

I’ve found Allo’s aftersales support great and while I had 2 boards (Kali and Piano 2.1) fail it took me some time until even after my warranty was over for me to get things into their system and they were very supportive and send out the 2 replacements. Now that’s service!!!

Hi people,

The problem seems to be solved by changing the power supply to apple iphone charger + micro-USB cable (this eliminated the clicking noise when music is not playing). I also had to downsample 192KHz to 96KHz in Roon and now HiRes files play trouble-free. Maybe it was my DAC which was not able to downsample the material to 24/96.


iPhone chargers are way under spec’d to run a RPi …you want something 5V at 2.5A at least.

I am aware of that, so my setup defies the common knowledge. Maybe Ropieee skims power requirements to such a low level. Anyway, I’ve ordered a decent LPU, hope that will do.