DigiOne BNC or plain RCA (coaxial)

Hi everyone!

Are there any differences between the DigiOne’s BNC and plain RCA outputs?

My amp doesn’t have a BNC input, so I have to use a converter anyhow (or a BNC to RCA cable).


RCA works quite well. If you have golden ears, you might discern a SQ difference from the BNC.

Yes - the BNC outputs 1.0V versus 0.5V for the SPDIF RCA one.

Not sure this makes too much difference in general use. I know because I struggled with a piece of equipment I was using that required 0.55V on its SPDIF input and had to use an adapter on the BNC output (the input was happy running over voltage by quite a bit, but not marginally under)

Interestingly the SPDIF spec says 0.5-0.6V, so both pieces of kit were technically within spec. You might want to check the tolerance of the SPDIF input on your amp. Or just stick with SPDIF end to end - probably easier.