DigiOne Intermittent Issue: Roon Freezes when using SSH

Windows 7 Intel I5
Roon 1.6 (Build 416) with Maximum Upsampling
DigiOne Signature Player

I bought a DigiOne Signature Player to use as a Roon endpoint and started a two-week infant mortality test. I opened Roon on the PC and started playing an album. Then I opened an SSH terminal window to access the player and monitor the temperature of the CPU. After a while the Roon progress bar and audio froze so I restarted Roon and it worked for a few minutes and froze again. After several restarts I closed SSH and Roon played fine after that so I opened SSH again and no problems. I cannot recreate the issue but if Roon freezes and you want to diagnose your Rasberry Pi player, do not use SSH, hool up a keyboard and monitor.

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