DigiOne Signature Power

I’m new to this. Can the DigiOne Signature get its dirty power through the raspberry Pi3B+ or do I need a separate 5V for that?

From the Allo website …

It needs 2 PSUs, one for 5V/2A-3A (RPI) and a second power 5V to 6V 100mA. We do recommend the cleanest power supply possible (batteries, linear but even a good SMPS will work)

The dirty side includes the Raspberry Pi and first board (hat.)

Thanks a lot for your quick answer!

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Many have the stock, and inexpensive, Allo SMPS 5V 3A wall wart powering the “dirty” RPi, but invest in a good linear supply or batteries for the “clean” HAT, which will tolerate as much as 9 volts. I used a 7.5V battery pack (for excellent sound) until I purchased their SHANTI lps to save time and aggravation recharging every week.

Would it not be nice if there was a battery pack that automatically recharged at preset times?

I almost have this set-up but “automatic” is whenever there is sun and that’s usually during the day when I’m at work and not listening: https://voltaicsystems.com/solar-panel-kits/

My DigiOne sits next to a window so solar into the Voltaic power bank and bank into the DigiOne. The Voltaic banks have an “always on” mode so the very low draw of the DigiOne doesn’t cause the pack to turn off. It’s been working very reliably up until Seattle just hit a 20 year record for darkest day ever recorded. Then the panel couldn’t keep up and I had to charge it myself.

As far as sound quality? I don’t really care. This is too convenient to change. I don’t immediately notice any change between the Voltaic and any other power bank I’ve tried. I do not own a linear supply for comparison though.

do you think the shanti provided a better result than the batteries? thinking of changing myself, as charging is a bit of a pain.
My only reservation is I am on my third DigiSig in two years due to faults.

Shanti sounds as good as the batteries did in my system (ROCK on separate NUC, isolated network for audio, active Meridian SE speakers). -Not better, but much more convenient.

I did have an Allo USBridge go up in smoke (!!) which they replaced, while my two DigiOnes and Signature continue to perform without any problems. I still have a lot of respect for Allo and their products.

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Thank you @Brad_Burnside, hoping to demo a few streamers in the coming weeks, but think I may gain more from improving my DAC.

Claudio™ Clean Power Supply for Digione Signature

Tired of having to remember charging the batteries for the DIgiOne Signature HAT? The problem is being solved! Claudio is under development and scheduled to be available in May 2020. Retail price expected to be less than the Shanti.

The Claudio™ unit

  • provides clean battery power for the Allo DigiOne Signature for 20 hours of daily use.
  • automatically charges the batteries at a user preset daily time interval.
  • galvanically disconnects the charging circuit when the batteries are fully charged.
  • is a self-contained device that is connected to your WiFi network.
  • Is user programmed via App (Android, iOS or PC).
  • Fits directly on top of the Allo DigiOne signature.
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