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I just got mine. I ordered a new Raspberry Pi, but it’s not here yet. I don’t know if I can wait. I’ll have to see if I can run a Roon bridge AND PiHole on the same rig.

With diet pi that should be no problem but might depend how busy your network is for the pihole data and the bridge data … paying higher bit rates might be the bigger issue

A ProJect Box S2 Digital MQA DAC connected via spdif to a Signature Digione with endpoint function of a Roon Rock Tidal player installed on remote NUC, can do the full hardware unfold of the MQA streaming?

I contacted Amazon store I purchased from Simcoe Audio Video. They were great, provided a shipping label and had replacment device in less then a week. It boots Pi without problem and only see lightning bolt when service are loading and settles right down. It is presently powering another Allo DAC the Katana and sounds great with the iFi.
It is a step up from the Allo power supplies how big a one is subjective. Depends on resolution of your system.

Is there an OS on the DigiOne Signature that will easily run Spotify Connect and Roon?

I am not a Spotify member.
Can tell you on Dietpi under optimized software so from console or SSH session logged in as root type dietpi-software item 141 Spotify Connect Web: web interface for Spotify premium has an entry. Then Item 167 is Raspotify: Spotify connect client. Try Googling name with how to or setup.
There are some people talking about other software here.

Jerry, how long between the three different power samples in your test? I ask because my own “sound memory” is quite short. So for me to conduct a legitimate A/B/C test, the time gap between each sample has to be small.

Just curious.

I tried 3 different PSs, sequentially. LPS-1 LPS-1.2 and JS-2. All sounded different. In order of preference, LPS-1.2 JS-2 LPS-1. LPS-1.2 finer details, JS-2 warmer, if I had to use an adjective.

Use music I know well.
It should sound a certain way.
That music I would have in several formats.

From the Allo, to iPower to LPS. It was mostly depth of field and better bass.
The difference with PS is much more pronounced with a DAC than transport.
image image image

Two outputs are for my Katana where it made a much bigger difference than with the Digione Signature. Will try again once I have a decent DAC to feed the Digione Sig with. Looking at a IFI MIcro IDSD Black Label. Any suggestions in that price range?

Sorry to be dense - which product is LPS-2?

Apologies. Uptone Audio LPS 1.2 (not 2 sorry). The next version of the LPS 1.

What is the three supply box? Couldn’t find a reference.

The name of the store is Gzbotolave Store.

Has improved both my DAC and Phono stage.

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Hello. I am new happy user of DigiOne Signature powered by linear supply (clean and dirty part. I am currently using is with coax Qed Performance 1m RCA pairing with my dac (Exogal Comet Plus). The dac has BNC input only, so I use RCA/BNC Neutric adaptor. I am looking for good quality BNC-BNC cable. Any reccomendations for producer and length? The minimum lenght for me is 35cm as my Signature is bulit in the one box with power supply. My budget is ca 150 USD, but I am not sure, if it does make sense to spend so much in difgital cable.

I’ve been happy with my Belden cable from Blue Jeans https://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/digital-audio/index.htm

I’m not entirely sure what I’m missing by using a “non-audiophile priced” cable though. At least it’s within your budget.

Blue Jean cables are great!

Thanks. Yes I think about Belden 1694a with Canare plugins, but price is ineed no audiophile one, like 20 USD for 1.2m…I wonder if somebody compared bluejeans with some Oiyade or Black Cat staff for example. How about lenght? I would prefer 0.5m, but maybe 1.2m would be better?
By the way, I jumped to Digione Sig from Node2i and really, it is substantial improvement in all aspects. Its like taking out some cover from speakers. Sorry for my English

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Has anyone use the Audiophonics LPSU25?
Could you connect both the clean power and RPI to it? Any experiences? It is rated to 2 Amps and I wonder if it would drive a RPI reliable without excessive heat.

Or different question: my Keces P8 has an 5V 1A output. Can I plug the RPI to it? Looking at the power consumption of the RPI, it should be feasible. Experiences are appreciated :slight_smile:

How did you build the more elegant USB C Connector?