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(Ruud Verrijk) #261

You are right. Semantics. It does a similar job as the ethernet-optical-ethernet boxes. To make sure that only intended ethernet signals pass through


write please if there are changes in sound quality

(Ruud Verrijk) #263

I live in an apartment building with a lot of wireless signals and power line noise around me. I noticed that especially between 7 and 11 pm and on Saturdays my music had more grain. That is gone now with the ethernet isolator. I did not do an A/B test. Sound is so psychoactive, so you can never be sure

(Oliver Mai) #264

Hello Community,

after working a few days with the wonderful roon software, using the Aries mini as endpoint, i stumbled over the Digione Signature reviews of John Darko and Hans Beekhuyzen. Because i wanted to upgrade my endpoint shortly, i thought i will give the Digione Signature a try.

With my electronic skills and years of active working in the diyaudio.com community, i agree with the concept to power the Digione Signature with a clean power supply.

Especially the recommendation to use LiFePo4 batteries to push the sound quality, coincides with my experiences at my Red Baron DAC project, a NOS TDA1541A DAC, in the past. In this project i tried different LiFePo4 batteries and one stands out, the A123 Systems ANR26650M1B.

This battery gave the best sound reproduction in my DIY-DAC project and for me, the best LiFePo4 in this case.

With this in mind, i ordered a custom made Battery-Pack at my favorite Online Store Lipopower.de.
Because we need at least 5V for the clean side and i would like to have 5.000 mAh capacity, i ordered the Battery-Pack with 4 ANR26650M1B. Two connected in series to get 6.6V and the other two connected parallel, to get the double capacity. This has also the effect, that it lowers the internal impedance. Low impedance of the batteries is highly regarded.
The whole pack also ordered with the correct connectors for the charger comes within 2 days.

As you could see on the picture, i ordered an additional cable for balanced charging. Thats important for long time stability of the LiFePo4 batteries.

For charging i ordered the SKYRC S60. A good and cheap charger.

The last thing thats needed is an adapter from the XT60 plug on the Battery-Pack to USB-Female. Unfortunately i found non “ready to use”, so i must do it myself. A very easy job. Only four things needed:

  1. XT60 Female plug from Lipopower.de
  2. Delock Adapter USB 3.0 Type-A female to Terminal Block 10 pin
  3. short 0.75mm cable
  4. shrinking tube

This power solution is not to pricy:

  • Custom made Battery-Pack with 4 A123 Systems ANR26650M1B LiFePo4 and balance charging cable, Ready To Use - € 92,10
  • XT60 Female plug - € 2,25
  • Delock Adapter USB 3.0 Type-A female to Terminal Block 10 pin - € 7,99
  • SKYRC S60 Charger - € 39,90

Total: € 142,24

Now charging starts…

…connected to the Digione Signature…

…and from there to my Chord Dave.

The result is outstanding!

I have my rig over years now, but never heard that clarity with so much depth and such a wide room.

What can i say… A big thank you to @allo.com for this great product!!!

Best regards,


A more elegant version of my LiFePo4 adapter.
XT60 to USB-C

(Sean) #265

Great stuff Oliver. Have you tried TOSlink into Dave? If so, can you describe the sound quality differences with DigiOne Sig?

(Oliver Mai) #266

Hi Sean,

i never used the Toslink input of Dave.
Only the USB input with the Aries mini and now the BNC input with the Digione Signature.


(Mike Ormerod) #267

Why do you need the XT60 to USB 3 adapter? Why not just XT60 to 2.1mm?

(Oliver Mai) #268

Because i use a USB-C to USB-A Cable…:wink:

(Mike Ormerod) #269

Ah :slight_smile:

(Mike Ormerod) #270

This looks a great solution, I already have a balanced charger, anyone know where you can get similar battery packs made in the US?

(Oliver Mai) #271

Hi Mike,

if you don´t find an Online Store in the US, i think Lipopower.de delivers worldwide.

They will build the Battery-Pack with the Plugs you need for your charger. :wink:

(Mike Ormerod) #272

Thanks. I have a SkyRC Imax B6 so fairly standard.


my set is a total cost of 60 € :slight_smile: of course you do not need to have 4 akku, then 40 € :smiley:

(Mike Ormerod) #274

Curious if anyone has tried something like this to power the clean side:

(Oliver Mai) #275

Recommended are LiFePo4 batteries.
This is a LiPo one…:wink:


a bit of FE and a 4 needed then…

Marek’s look pretty cool, presumably the black case is a balanced charger?

(Mike Ormerod) #277


One of the things I like about the RC battery packs is that they have balanced charging…

(Oliver Mai) #278

For those who are interested in the technical background of the LiFePo4 recommendation, here‘s a short explanation from @iancanada, a technical genius in the diyaudio.com community:

Why LifePo4 battery for power supply?

Performance of new ultra-low noise LDOs are already very good, such as LT3042, ADM7151/4 and TPS7A4700. Though their noise level can be pretty much closed to battery, but the sound quality is still not as pure and clean as battery. What’s the key difference between battery and LDO?

One thing might be overlooked by most of people. Yes, the dynamic performance!

We call them the load and line transient response. LDO is based on voltage feedback. It control the output current by sensing the changing of output voltage from an internal reference. So, there is no way to eliminate the response time and wave. Even for LT3042, the output response voltage wave can reach up to two digits of mV. Battery is a pure passive component without any feedback. Battery transient response performance will be 100% decided by internal resistance. LifePO4 battery has very low internal resistance, so the dynamic performance can be much better than any LDO.


my charger is not balanced, because I do not need it, I charge each battery independently at 3.3V (from 2,8V) max 3.6V

(Magnus) #280

I heard that sealed lead batteries where best for audio, are LifePo4 better?