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(Mike Ormerod) #281

Also posted this on CA: Ok so I’ve decided the batteries while no doubt great are a pain in the ar**, so I’m looking at lps options. The UpTone Ultracap 1.2 is probably the front-runner but has anyone tried the Wyred4Sound PS-1?

(Robin Carmack) #282

I use this and really like it.

(Douglas Gunn) #283

This looks a great solution - I’m working on something similar.

A quick question, how do you avoid overdischarging the batteries (if left connected to the Digione?)

Does the Digione shutdown (when the voltage drops below 5v) and stop further discharge? Given the absolute minimum discharge voltage of LiFePO4 batteries is 2v) they could still be outputting 4v (with 2 parallel pairs in series) when perilously close to overdischarge.



(Oliver Mai) #284

You could use this Lipo Alarm to check the Voltage.

I am running my battery pack 24/7 and charge it once a week. At this time my charger displays ~ 30% capacity left.

(Douglas Gunn) #285

Ah! Yes, I have seen that elsewhere.

But, I think given your experience, I will try weekly charging. I’m using the same cells (wired in the same way) so our consumption rate should be similiar.



(Oliver Mai) #286

My pleasure :wink:


(Matthieu) #287

I have a MOPHIE juice pack duo battery pack that I don’t use.

Q: Is it possible to use that kind of pack for the clean side of the DigiOne Signature ?

Specs are:
Input (charging spec I suppose): 5V - 0.5A-2.1A
Output: 5V - 2.1A Max: 22.2Wh

Thank you.


I just bought an audiophonics LPS for 100 EUR all in including fast shipping to the US.

It’s at least been reviewed by Hans Beekhuyzen who recommends it for the Digione’s. Unlike other random $100 ish LPS’s on fleabay.

Still working it in, and without my sub at the moment, but I upgraded from original Digione + SMPS to Digione Sig + LPS and immediately noticed more air, better image, tighter/cleaner, etc. How much of that is the upgraded Digione vs the LPS I don’t know … and probably don’t have the patience to test them individually …

(Robin Carmack) #289

I ordered the Digione Signature Wed morning. I have heard nothing but the immediate payment accepted confirmation. I am just curious what your experience was with Allo? It said when i ordered that it would be 3-5 days with Fedex but do they provide tracking?

(Mike Ormerod) #290

My DigiOne Signature took about 5 days order to receipt. My USBridge took about 10 days.

(Robin Carmack) #291

Thank you. I just wasn’t sure how they do things


They provide tracking and once picked up by FedEx it ships very quickly. 3 days in my experience.

(Robin Carmack) #293

I see. Mine still says order received.

(Oliver Mai) #294

I don‘t see any problem to use it. :wink:

(Sean) #295

@magagne, from further up in this thread:

(Yiannis Kouropalatis) #296

Just ordered one. Really excited :slight_smile:

(Matthieu) #297

Hi Sean,

Thanks to point me that. I was more worry about the output from a powerbank that is 2.1A in my case. i.e Output: 5V - 2.1A Max: 22.2Wh. It’s way more than 100mA for the clean side that is require…I’m not an electrician so I don’t know the impact of Amperage :laughing:… just want to be sure I’ll not blow up a $239 HAT card :confounded:

(Steve) #298

The power supply states the max current it can deliver as 2.1A.

In this case the device it’s powering will only draw what it needs - circa 100mA. The fact that 2.1A are available doesn’t matter, it won’t damage the device.

Pretty much every power supply out there will be capable of more than 100mA

(Matthieu) #299

Clear explanation about Amperages/impact. Thank you so much.

(Oliver Mai) #300

Short update from my rig.

Today i added the 7“ Touchdisplay from RPi.
Really cool to see whats running…

EDIT: The screensaver is also cool…