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(Bill Soukoreff) #301

Hi Oliver. Could you share what screen and how is it connected? It’s been awhile since I looked at the screen options. Thanks!

(Oliver Mai) #302

Hi Bill,
because i want to be independent with the original RPi 7´´ Touchscreen, it has its own RPi 3B+ running Ropieee connected via WLAN.

In roon i grouped the “Display” zone with my “Dave” zone, to get the listening Information on the screen.

Thats it…:wink:

(Bill Soukoreff) #303

Thanks brilliant, thanks so much for sharing!

(Oliver Mai) #305

Hi Thomas,

for the connection between the 7´´Touch screen and the Rpi, here is a good Howto:

If this is done, you must flash the latest RoPieee image (2018/12/10) to your SD-Card with Etcher.

This is needed, because only at the 1st start of the RoPieee SW, it detects the screen and install the needed driver over the internet connection.

The configuration is well described at the RoPieee Beginner’s Guide written by Nathan Wilkes

(Thomas Schaller) #306

Hi Oliver,
thank you very much for your fast and detailed answer!
This will be my next project!


Is that sound? Doesn’t it presume the damage ( if there is any) is live rather than having already degraded the information in the buffer?

I’ve no idea but hopefully you have as otherwise this would tell us nothing or actually falsely inform ?

(Magnus) #308

No, that should work, whatever data is buffered is digital data, what you remove when pulling the ethernet cable is the electronic noise that doesn’t affect the digital data but does affect the analog part of the DAC and the sound.

It only plays for a few seconds though, and you probably need to sit in listening position to hear any difference, so get someone else to do it while listening.

(Steve) #309

I think it would be fairer to say may

Depending on the device in question it might play for a reasonable time especially with 44.1. It did when I tried. And you might be able to reinstate by plugging back in in time.

The beauty of a helper and uninterrupted play is you can say what you heard and how many times. If the perception doesn’t match the reality, you can infer what happened. But if you get a noticeably improved sound the same number of times the plug was pulled, you know you’re onto something with isolation.

Would love to hear the results if the OP tries.


The results of my latest tests: DietPi plays better (SQ) than RoPieee. The power supply 5VDC (85€) from the Aliexpress is much better than 2 batteries LifePO4. The music is clearly better in terms of dynamics in all ranges

(JP Lang) #311

Hi Marek,

Can you please elaborate about the Aliexpress power supply?

Thank you.

(Magnus) #312

That does indeed sound very strange, and is the complete opposite of what I have read pretty much everywhere and experienced myself (although probably not with that power supply).


my surprise was just as big.

This LPS for clean side:

and LPS “Tomanek MiniUlps” for dirty side

(Douglas Gunn) #314


I have the same LPS and a 4 cell A123 LiFePo battery pack and, whilst the difference is not great, the battery option is most defininitely not the weaker of the two.

After switching the LPS to the battery pack my partner, who is utterly disinterested in my ‘hi-fi stuff’ actually noticed (without being prompted that I had made any change) that voices ‘sounded clearer’ and were ‘separated from the other instruments’.



I hear exactly the same as @Douglas_Gunn and his partner, but in advantage of the power supply. I must to check it out. I ordered a DC-USB-C cable on ghentaudio to equalize the chance in test.

Maybe that the grounding plays a role too. In my system the DAC is also powered by DC power and monoblocks are without their own grounding. For example, I noticed that after connecting the power supply, the leakage current on the monoblocks went down from 0.05V to 0.00V. My erhertnet connection in Digione is also grounding isolated - TP-Link MC100CM is powered with batteries too.

(Sean) #316

Hi Marek

What do you use to measure leakage current (in amps/milli amps?)?

(Thomas Schaller) #317

Hi Oliver,
I just finished assembly and configuration of the touchscreen and all worked well as discribed.
But in the end there is a problem: Where can I find a “display zone” in Roon?
The zone is configured in RoPieee and the RoPieee extension is enabled in Roon?
Where did I go wrong?

(Oliver Mai) #318

Hi Thomas,

i had named the touchscreen Rpi as “roonDisplay” in RoPieee.

If you activate it, you could combine the Display with any Zone you like.


(Thomas Schaller) #319

Hi Oliver,
that is almost the same what I did. But unfortunately the Display Zone will not show in the audio setup!
But thanks for the answer!

(Geoff Coupe) #320

Oliver, I see that you have created a zone for your Ropieee display. That’s not actually necessary. As long as the Ropieee Remote Control extension is registered and running in Roon (shown in the Settings/Extensions screen), then you just need to couple the display to an audio zone using the Ropieee web control panel. For example, I have a zone called “Denon” defined in Roon, so I just set this as the Roon Control Zone in the Ropieee Display setting:

(Thomas Schaller) #321

Hello Geoff,
just tried that out. Works perfectly!
Thanks for the tip!