Digione signature

(Jim White) #95

Hi all, are Signature and USBridge comparable ?
If they are connected to the same DAC, which one will sound better?

(johan ) #96

It depends more on how the inputs are implemented on your DAC


Just to wrap up my mini thread here… I worked with Johan and Allo and all is well with my DigiOne Signature over the past couple days. CS has been excellent.

I haven’t had a chance yet to compare my DigiOne with the Signature, but will try and report back tie permitting.

(johan ) #104

Hi David

this thread is for Signature not regular DigiOne.

This is the link to the Digione Allo DigiOne board


I’ve moved all Allo Digione discussion over … so this topic can say focused on the Digione Signature.


Hi Johan,

I realise it’s still early days for Nirvana but do you know what the output voltage / max current will be? Trying to decide whether to buy a LPS or wait for Nirvana to arrive in due course (to power a 3rd party DAC).

Many thanks…

(Brad Burnside) #107

I’ve been switching back & forth between my much-loved DigiOne and a new Signature over the past few days, and have heard tighter bottom end, better defined and deeper soundstage, but also some “harder” upper midrange with some material. Maybe a step up in definition? -which I hope will mellow-out as time goes on.

Both transports use iFi 5v SMPS plus a $70 eBay LPS for the dirty pi on the Signature, and are connected to a Meridian processor and DSP5200SE speakers.

(johan ) #108

I would recommend to use the other way arround. I don’t know how much noise your LPS have but IFI has about 3mV of noise (CM especially)

At last the Signature will improve for up to 2 weeks. We used lots of film capacitors and one supercap…

(Brad Burnside) #109

I also have a low noise 9V/6A LPS. OK to use that for the HAT?

(Noah Sawatzki) #110

Based on their description, that should be good for the clean side. Dirty is always 5v.

(Brad Burnside) #111

ALLO.COM says “It needs 2 PSUs, one for 5V/2A-3A (RPI) and a second power 5V to 6V 100mA. We do recommend the cleanest power supply possible (batteries, linear but even a good SMPS will work)”

While their specs call for “5V to 6V 100mA”, I have read elsewhere that a wide range of voltages are tolerated for the clean side; I’d like to confirm that here before I fry my new device.

(Noah Sawatzki) #112

WOW, the info in the main page changed drastically. When I purchased mine, it said 5-29V. I opted for a 5V so it’d be interchangeable with the RPI power, but the fact that the information changed so drastically is alarming. Any explanation for this?


Clean power does support multiple voltages. I’ve used it w/ 12V. I think Allo’s change to 5V is more as a best practice so as to not overheat the Signature. I’ve got a standard iPhone charger and type C cable connecting into my clean side and the Allo SMPS into the dirty. Waiting on a DC 5.5/2.1 to type C adapter to plug into my LPS and that will replace the Allo SMPS.

(Noah Sawatzki) #114

Makes sense. I just ordered myself a used LPS-1 to replace my iFi for clean. We’ll see if it makes an audible difference. How does it sound with the apple charger? I wouldn’t think that would be all that high quality, lol.

(Noah Sawatzki) #115

I re-read your post and noticed you are replacing the Allo SMPS dirty for the LPS. I would think you should leave the Allo PSU where it is and replace the iPhone charger with the LPS. Not only is it your weakest link there, but clean power should have, well, clean power…unless I’m understanding this wrong?


Yes I mis-typed, but I’ll more than likely test out both scenarios to see if it has any impact on the performance.

My thinking to try the LPS to the dirty side is due to the required current to drive the Pi and the clean side requiring less than 100 mA for its needs.

My LPS outputs 5V / 3.5 A which I used for my DigiOne. Don’t know I would have gotten it for the Signature.

Anyone w/ a Signature play around w/ the various power inputs care to comment while I wait for my adapter to arrive?

(johan ) #117

Yes you can, We don’t recommend going any higher than 9V (max) you might overheat the system

(Michael Sicher) #118

How long do the batteries in the battery pack last?


Johan or anyone else, any recommendations on non-battery clean power source inputs. Per Johan, iFi isn’t a good match. Assume the Allo SMPS is acceptable, but I’m not looking to buy another LPS for my Signature for something requiring less than an Amp (maybe I’m bring irrational about this).

(Jimmytwotimes) #120

Trust me IFI sucks ass with Allo