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I hear you. Any other SMPS options worth looking into?

(Brad Burnside) #122

This linear into the clean side is sounding very good right now:

(Noah Sawatzki) #123

That seems pretty expensive for a nameless black box from China. I thought about buying one of those types, but I wouldn’t consider spending that much on a product with zero name recognition. I was considering one of the ones around $60. I only spent $270 including shipping for the used LPS-1 and that one you linked is $170. Just my two cents.


Bingo. That’s what I’m turning over in my head as well.

I bought a no-name off of eBay for my DigiOne. It’s been great. No complaints for roughly the same price as the above link.

Again, this is just me and I may be irrational about this, but spending over $100 on a 5 V less than 100 mA requirement to supply clean power seems crazy to me. I may end up doing it, but I’m just not there yet mentally :slight_smile:

(Brad Burnside) #125

It’s not nameless, with “zero name recognition”. It’s from ZERO ZONE, and has “GZLOZONE” printed right on the front panel!

-In any case, this combination of power supplies with Signature is clearly out-performing my old DigiOne (which I still love; so life is good).

(Fernando Pereira) #126

Something a bit cheaper that I’m pretty happy with for another system: https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/hifi-power-supply/audiophonics-linear-regulated-low-noise-power-supply-usb-115v-to-5v-2a-25va-p-12581.html

(Brad Burnside) #127

A Chinese eBay version of the Audiophonics that I was using for DigiOne is now powering the dirty pi side for me: https://www.ebay.com/itm/25VA-Ultra-Low-Noise-linear-power-supply-output-DC-5V-3A-upgrade-Raspberry-pi-3/132548644264?hash=item1edc83cda8:g:Tb4AAOSwdGJatLiI

(Noah Sawatzki) #128

To be honest, I think it sounds great with the ifi running the clean. I just can’t help but be curious what it would sound like with the real deal. Can’t help myself. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not THAT big of an investment. I plan on sticking with this setup for a while, besides a DAC that I plan to add around tax return time, and I want to do all the little upgrades to get the most out of this chain in the mean time. I started a full on upgrade like two years ago when I started a new job, and I’m hoping for an end point soon, lol.


Been listening to the DigiOne Signature on and off for the past few days, but finally had some time to spend with the it today (fed it clean power from my DigiOne’s LPS over those days). Not nearly talented enough to describe the before and after, but the device made me smile. It sounded terrific to me.

Thanks again to Johan and Allo for their customer service. The Signature is a device to be proud of.


I may have to keep the LPS with the Signature, but plan on playing with the different power setups. Or not. It sounds great, and I may replace or downgrade the power on my DigiOne.

(johan ) #131

We recommend a maximum of 9V input in the clean side.

As far as batteries , Sign clean side consumption (its always on) is very close to 65mAh. So if your battery is 1800mah subtract at least 10% for a brand name (they never reach the specs) and up to 50% for a lesser brand and divide by 65ma

So at 1800 - 20% = 1400Mha / 65ma = 22h . I personally use 2 in series + 2 parallel (3900mha) = 2 days without taking them off

(simon arnold) #132

I bought one similar to run my USBridge and Pi with Touchscreen remote. It was garbage couldn’t even power the pi and screen on its ow without the lightning flash and got extremely hot with ny bridge it crashed a lot. If you dont mind a house fire then they are fine :(. That said i did get a full refund and the postage costs back to China.

(Noah Sawatzki) #133

I’m just laughing over here at this thing with the LPS-1. Laughing. My need for a DAC upgrade seems less pressing all of a sudden.


@Noah_Sawatzki how are you connecting the LPS-1 5.5/2.1 to the type C input? Using the supplied Allo 5.5/2.5 adapter or something else?

(Noah Sawatzki) #135

@purehifi192 Using the Allo supplied type C adapter and a barrel adapter that was included with the ifi.


Could you please provide details of your DAC and, more generally, replay system? Thanks, nbpf

(Noah Sawatzki) #137

DigiOne Signature - - > Parasound Hint onboard DAC - - > KEF R500/Dual SVS SB12-NSD

Pretty straight forward setup, but hope to add an outboard DAC soon.


Gotcha. So three cables/adapters between Uptone and DigiOne? Hoping powers that be come out with a 5.5/2.1 direct to type C. Looking at Ghent’s cables selections now and don’t see this combo yet (nowhere really). Thanks.

(Sean) #139

Ping him an email. He’ll literally make any cable you want. Just make sure the instructions are clear (pics help).

(Sean) #140

Check here:


I think you can choose to change the microUSB plug for another (drop down menu).