Digione signature


Thank you so much. I totally missed this one. Ordering now.

(Noah Sawatzki) #142

I gotta say guys, the difference has not been one bit subtle, unless I’m losing my mind here. I’m bad at describing things like this, but every single piece of music I’ve played has sounded more interesting with the Uptone. Attack, stereo separation, bass integrity, 3D imagining, you name it, it’s noticeably better than the ifi. I’m buying the hype. Worth the money, in my opinion.

(Sean) #143

It was a bad idea having a look at the Ghent website. Now I’m looking around for more cables I might order…


That’s one me. Sorry, Sean. Decided to keep my Chinese made LPS which has been great for my DigiOne and getting the Uptone LPS 1.2 for the Signature.

(Sean) #145

I have a couple LPS-1’s… but the LPS-1.2 is a little better still… they made some improvements, in addition to adding 12Vdc output (the latter not relevant to DigiOne Signature but for some other stuff you may have around).

(Sean) #146

Highly recommend you add this to feed your LPS-1. It’s one of the improvements they made (comes free with the LPS-1.2).

Price is USD15

(Noah Sawatzki) #147

Nice! I had passed by that in my quest, but completely forgot. Can’t say I exactly understand what this does, but it’s a cheap upgrade. I’m all for micro-upgrades.

(Sean) #148

It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the Uptone 7.5Vdc SMPS directly powering the clean side of the DigiOne Sig… versus having it powering/charging the LPS-1…

(Noah Sawatzki) #149

@Sean2016 So I would need to order that cable with the 2.1G end to go directly from LPS-1 to Signature, correct?


This is what I ordered, http://www.ghentaudio.com/part/dc29.html, with a 2.1 end and a Type C end.


BTW: that’s the base cable. I did not get any of the JSSG/Gotham upgrade options. Getting the upgraded cables w/ Type C are doable, but not through the website; you’ll have to email them w/ the request.

(Noah Sawatzki) #152

Thanks. I don’t think I need to go all out on a foot long cable, lol. I would, however, like to forgo all the adapters, and this is perfect. I wonder why Allo didn’t go with a 2.1mm type C adapter when it sounds like most LPS use that standard. Also, on their website, it says this about the adaptor “Matching male: 5.5mm x 2.1mm male or 5.5mm x 2.5mm”. How can it be compatible with both? I obviously did not find that to be the case, lol.


Ditto. Minor and temporary inconvenience on the 2.5 to Type C I hope, but yes, 2.1 seems more pervasive on the various supplies and cables I have.

(Noah Sawatzki) #154

This website is addictive. How are their speaker cables so cheap? $50 for a pair of 2 meter Canare 4S12F cables, professionally terminated n everything…that seems like a steal.


I am going to upgrade my digione to a digione signature … and get a proper LPS along with it. Can’t decide if the $435 Uptone LPS 1.2 is going to be significantly better than the $120 audiophonics LPS or similar Chinese knock-off … anyone have the ability to compare an uptone LPS vs a cheaper one?

(Michael Sicher) #156

Got my DigiOne Signature today. Something wired going on with network connectivity (got ip address via dhcp but couldn’t be pinged). After unplugging BOTH power sources and plugging-in again clean first and dirty second it worked.

I powered the previous DigiOne via USB from my DAC. Unfortunately the Signature has another connector. Which type is this and is there an adaptor from Micro USB to the DigiOne Signature power input?

Despite of the networking problem and having a hard time removing the protective film it is and sounds great.

(Noah Sawatzki) #157

@Michael_Sicher I’m confused. You say you got it going and it sounds great but then say you need an adaptor? Digione has two usb type C inputs. Nothing goes in the micro usb port on the pi itself.

(Michael Sicher) #158

As I want to power the clean side from my DAC’s USB port I obviously need a micro USB to type C adapter.

Currently it is powered by two power supplies (the ones that ship with the DigiOne).

(Steve) #159

Tempted by the sig. upgrade but have to say, despite the supposed benefits, I’m actually less keen on a requirement for two PSU’s, and more so if it has specific (and manual) power-up sequence requirements - seems a touch over complicated? I’d have to buy another PSU and use an extension lead as I’m out of sockets next to my hifi…

(Karl Wikström) #160

Exactly what I think about