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I admit it’s a touch more complicated than just powering it up, but I also think it’s a relatively creative way to separate the RPi power requirements from the HAT requirements. The need for a clean power supply to power the HAT is a factor to consider though.

I can see where one would think there’s a specific power up sequence, but that’s not the case. You can have both plugged in at the same time. It probably would be more accurate to say to not plug in the clean supply after you power on the dirty RPi side. But I most certainly do not unplug and replug when I perform a shutdown or reboot. Both power lines stay in Signature.

The only pain in the ass issue, for me, is the 2.5 to Type C adapter since most power supplies seem to be 2.1. But I expect we’ll see more options for Type C as the industry begins to pick it up.

Edited to remove the part about using the Signature with only dirty power. I thought I had this tested this past weekend, but tried to repeat it and it didn’t work. Sorry for any confusion.


I’ve had wifi network connectivity problems like this in the past and found that the Raspberry Pi (3 B+) wasn’t getting enough power. If the Pi’s red LED isn’t staying illuminated it’s under voltage and could be dropping the wifi. In my case using a better quality power cable resolved this.

(Andre / ALLO / CMO) #163

about the DC female.
We are looking to offer both.
Our website will be corrected, as our adapter cables are ONLY meant to work with 5.5 x 2.5mm male connectors. 2.1mm are not supported at this time.


(Michael Sicher) #164

Yesterday I noticed a strange thing when comparing to the battery pack:

When using the Allo SMPS for the clean power it switches the left/right channels. When using the adapter included with the battery pack everything is alright.

@allo.com, @ALLO_audio_boards: Why is that?

(johan ) #165

Hi Michael

DC from both powers is the same (same - and + ). I will ask the testing team to check

(johan ) #166

Testing team is asking that you switch on and off your DAC. Check if the LR are correct after power reboot of your DAC

Also make sure the power sequence is correct. Clean side first (or in same time) as dirty side.

(Noah Sawatzki) #167

@Sean2016 Weirdly, I think the LPS-1 sounds better with the original SMPS. It’s so crazy how different things can sound with such minor changes. I’m not sure if the LPS-1 or the Signature are effected by being unplugged for a few minutes, or if for some reason the new SMPS needs to warm up. I’m feeling the need to turn the volume up louder on music I was listening to just last night with the original SMPS and it feels like some of the magic is gone. This is the first time I’ve introduced an “improvement” and had SQ seem to go backward. I haven’t decided if it’s all in my head or not, as it’s difficult to A/B with something that requires a reboot, lol. Something just seems…off.

(Sean) #168

Hmmm not strange. Sometimes we do tend to prefer something that might be technically worse. In this case the designer does explain the reasons the UpTone SMPS performs better than the Mean Well when used with the LPS-1. The explanation is there on the product page.

Maybe give it some days/weeks for your ear/brain to adjust?

(John) #169

Unless you managed to get a fantastic discount I don’t understand your comment re ‘little difference in price’. It’s 47% price increase over the standard DigiOne so not really getting your comment?

Genuine question, not trying to stir anything.

(Roel) #170

I bought the complete player and the price difference was less than 70 euro. So yes, to me that is a little price difference. Even more so when i consider the prices that I have paid for other parts of my setup.

(Michael Sicher) #171

I just tried powering the clean side from my DAC’s USB port. By turning the USB-C cable on clean side around you can switch right and left channel.

So better have a reference track available to confirm that the USB cable is connected in the right direction.


This looks like a design error: a USB C port is symmetric and the behavior of a device should not change if one flips the plug by 180 degrees.

(johan ) #173

I am not sure how thats possible. By switching the USB C you will always get the same + and -

If you initialized the unit properly then your DAC should get the proper LR in the spidif signal.

In any case we will investigate it next week.


Thanks! I am looking forwards to your findings. I am a DigiOne user and I am considering upgrading to the DigiOne Signature.

(johan ) #175

One question Michael , when you sw USB type C cable sides…is the dirty power connected ?If it is , the wm8805 is not initialized properly .

Dirty power first and clean side in the same time (or before) dirty power

(johan ) #176

Hi ,

I spoke to the team and they said that change in polarity on type C is not possible. If there is a change the LDO will not work and a few capacitors (electrolitic) and supercap will short (since the have a polarity , unlike ceramic caps)

So the only question is…do you respect the power sequence ? Clean side first (or same time as dirty). If you have the dirty side ON and you play with clean side, your WM8805 will not be initialized properly (since clocks are on clean side)

(Michael Sicher) #177

Okay, than that’s the problem because I left the dirty side powered on. So one has to shutdown the RPI first, power off, and then power on the clean side, then the dirty side.

(johan ) #178

Clean side before dirty side or in same time (you need to power the clean side before RPI has booted so even 4 seconds delay to power the clean side its acceptable)

What is not OK is to disconnect/reconnect clean side with a delay of 4seconds +(for 2 seconds clean side will output digital stream with no DC connected because supercaps have 0.33 Farad=330000 uF) when RPI is on ( power OFF/On clean side while RPI is on) might interfere with wm8805 initialization

Not sure if its clear…

(Stefano Contin) #179

Greetings to all.
I was one of the first to upgrade to Digione Signature.
To power it, I use a Y bisection of a self-built LPS.
The rest of the chain is composed by Sotis Isis (Italian tube 6 BB 1704k dac) + Pre Karan Audio Reference MK2 + NuPrime Ref 20.

It’s truly amazing how great the jump from the excellent standard version is.
More air, separation, scene, depth, and above all analogical naturalness of sound. A new sens of realism in listen to music.


Thanks for the clarification, great support! Best, nbpf