Digione signature

(Michael Sicher) #181

Will there be a difference in powering the clean side by the battery pack vs. a powerbank with LIPO battery (attached to an outlet)?

(Michael Sicher) #182

@allo.com, help please!

My Allo DigiOne Signature is DEAD! :frowning_face:

After charging the batteries my Signature does not play anymore. Neither with the battery pack nor with the power supply attached.

I can log in, audio zone is shown in roon. But when clicking play, the cursor stays at the beginning of the track and after a few seconds it moves to next track,…

As I guess it’s a hardware issue please let me know how to get a RMA# for a replacement.

Thanks a lot!

(johan ) #183

Hi Micheal

Did you make sure the + and - were connected correctly ?

Please contact our website for RMA

(Michael Sicher) #184


negative on springs as noted (despite other instruction on the battery pack itself)?

Where can I find the RMA link? Didn’t see it on allo.com?


(Rene Bouwmeester) #185

See: https://allo.com/terms.html

(Mike Ormerod) #186

I’d be curious if anyone has compared the Signature to a USBridge. I currently use a USBridge into my McIntosh C52 and wonder if I’d notice an overall improvement with the Signature.

(Tony Reimann) #187

I have both and to be honest I dont think i can really tell the difference into my dac but as always YMMV


Could you provide some context please?

(johan ) #189

Independent measurements of Signature



Hi Johan. What do you use (and how) to wire up the batteries 2 in series and 2 parallel?

(johan ) #191

We are using the battery pack from our website , standard wiring is 2 batteries in series and other 2 in parallel.


These batteries after charging have 3.6V, so is 7.2V short-term acceptable? an long-term 6,6V?

(johan ) #193

yeap , anything under 9V

(Eelco de Vries) #194

Just installed my digione signature.
Shows up in Roon as networked.
When I press play a signalpath is made Vastleggen%20in%20volledig%20scherm%206-10-2018%20175225
But Roon doesn’t play and no output to the dac.
The alsa output stream information says;
access: RW_INTERLEAVED | format: S24_LE | subformat: STD | channels: 2 | rate: 44100 (44100/1) | period_size: 882 | buffer_size: 1764
Looks like a faulty digione board, or not? Any ideas.


Right, of course. Thanks Johan.

(johan ) #196

How do you power it ?

(Eelco de Vries) #197

Hello Johan,

Dirty side with the supplied powersupply.

Clean side with a linear powersupply, and to be sure I also tried another supply.

Clean power first.

On the RPI the red led sometimes goes out for one or two seconds.

(Eelco de Vries) #198

Well, have the signature working (Thanks Johan) And it really is good. Very good.
Before I used the coax out from a Node 2 into my smsl m8a Dac ( Linear power supply ) I really liked the result.
I have tried the USB-bridge which did not give a better sound than the above.
But the signature blows the node out of the water. Ihe clean side is fed by the same linear supply as the dac.
More depth and exactness to instruments… Reverb is much more refined, so space is much better defined.
Tighter bass.

(Mike Ormerod) #199

So if I understand correctly, the Signature sounds ‘better’ than the USBridge (in your system)?

(Eelco de Vries) #200

Yes.In janauary iI tried the UsBridge alongside the coax output of the node 2 into the same dac.
Couldn’t hear an improvement, Actually they sounded about the same.
The Signature really is a major improvement over the bluesound and the USBridge.
At last in my system