Digione signature

(Mike Ormerod) #201

Great, Thanks good to know.

(Noah Sawatzki) #202

I’m curious if anyone here has had to do occasional reboots to clear up stuttering and, in one strange occurrence, crackling/buzzing in one speaker? Thought I blew a speaker this last time and then kept losing my endpoint. Power cycled the dirty side and I still had issues. Pulled both power cables and let it sit long enough to drain the super cap, plugged back in and now it’s behaving normally. Hoping this doesn’t become a regular thing.

(johan ) #203

Are you drawing power from RPI ?

(Noah Sawatzki) #204

Nope, just using the two USB-C ports on the Signature.

(johan ) #205

I would suggest a reflash of the SD card, but frankly I am not sure what the problem could be.


Dear Allo.
I have a 30cm BNC cable and it sounds worse than on a 1 meter RCA cable. Probably the problem in the BNC are reflections. I want to choose a longer cable but not too long due to the loss of the signal, so please write what is the transition time at the output Signature.
I read it here: https://positive-feedback.com/Issue14/spdif.htm

(johan ) #207

rise time is 1.1ns


it is very small (and very good). Theoretically there should be no problem with 30cm. I will try, therefore, the length of 70cm BNC cable. For now I can say that with the RCA and upsampling Roon 192/24 is unbelievable quality. First time i hear much better sound from my system than cd player


I remember my Hifi dealer telling me a BNC cable should have a length of at least 100 cm. But don’t ask me why this should be so.

(Erik Hansson) #210

I remember my Hifi dealer telling me a BNC cable should have a length of at least 100 cm. But don’t ask me why this should be so.

According to cablemanufacturer it´s a matter of reflections that occurs when the signal leaves the cable and reaches different material in example the BNC-termination.

(simon arnold) #211

16bit should be S16_LE in Alsa not S24_LE somethings going on there. If its 24bit it should be SE32_LE.

(Eelco de Vries) #212

Thanks Simon. That’s right. There was a problem in the signature board. Very quickly solved by Allo.
Everything is working as it should. Very impressed by the improvement it has brought over the coax out of the bluesound node 2. Worth every penny.


I did the optical separation of the ethernet connection and the improvement of the sound is noticeable, if it is possible that the dirty board (meaning RasPi) was significant. If so, the RasPi power supply also matters


What in the world is this? In how many ways do consumers need to alter the Signature? This and then replace the included power supplies?


This is a change in the cable, not in Signature, see hardware like: TP-LINK MC100CM

(Daniel Beyer) #216

It is adding 2 extra conversion steps into your chain. Converting to optical and then back again.


second converter supply with battery LiFePO4 :slight_smile: too with 3,3V. The effect is really good


So, using this, the DigiOne Signature requires 3 power supplies?

(Steve) #219

This technique isn’t unique to the digiOne - it seems to be a trend in some quarters to add an extra level of galvanic isolation on the Ethernet feed, the thought being noise may be transmitted down Ethernet cable to the DAC.

it actually requires four power supplies here - and two of them super-clean ones. Two for the fibre-Ethernet boxes, and two for the Allo. I’ve never tried it but I’d just suggest pulling the Ethernet cable out of your dac and letting it play out the buffer. If you don’t notice anything when the cable comes out it’s unlikeky to make any difference other than psychological (and your wallet). Of course if you’re going that route you probably need to rewire you’re whole house, and install state of the art linear Psus or low noise psus on every device within. Probably be s good idea to buy them for all your neighbours connected to the same substation too :wink:


And all these power supplies don’t add issues?