Digital clipping and loud volume


I am very new to Roon.

I noticed that differently to my ALL other players, the volume in Roon of the songs is VERY LOUD.

To make an example, I usually have the volume knob of my amplifier to 9 o clock. It’s Always there and usually I turn up the volume when needed.

With Roon, instead, even at 7-8 o clock, I have a strong volume.

This using Tidal and my USB DAC (ASIO).

My question is… a so loud volume can intruduce digital clipping? I could check with my Dirac console (that is the only software I know that let me see that) but it’s months that I don’t use Dirac so I won’t to install it again, if not necessary. Only just an feedback from you will be fine.

There’s a digital clipping indicator in Roon: In your device settings, go to DSP Settings > Headroom Management and enable headroom management. Then toggle “Show Clipping Indicator” to “Yes”. Then, if you notice any clipping, you can increase the amount of headroom.

I am experiencing the same. Since changing my integrated amp, this digital clipping has become very noticeable (probably due to higher input sensitivity of the amp), even causing slight distortions. Headroom management doesn’t help either, it just requires higher volume on the preamp section, but the end result is the same.

Input sensitivity would pertain to analog clipping, not digital clipping. This sounds like a problem unrelated to Roon.


I am aware of that, but anyway, it doesn’t happen with other programs. Not sure what the culprit is, I must keep investigating.

Are you using DSP? Can you post your Signal Path?

Bit perfect. DSP off. Sometimes I upsample redbook to DSD64, but most of the time the DSP is off.

Migrated to ROCK and the digital clipping has disappeared! All cables and components are the same. It appears something was wrong with my previous Windows 10 server, and I kind of narroweded it to the Fidelizer Pro 8.0 program and their newly introduced filters. However, I am not certain at all regarding the culprit for this phenomenon. And I don’t care anymore, as it’s gone now :wink: