Digital Crossover in roon?

Hi I read that it is feasible to implement a digital crossover with Roon DSP.
Could anybody explain how?
From Roon you only have digital output to streamer or DAC !!!

Yes, somebody could explain how.


Thanks for help
But it is not included any tool for digital active crossover
I think it is not feasible an active cross over in roon. An active crossover must filter at a given frequency high pass filter to bass drivers and lowpass filter to the high
But from roon computer you can not have such outputs in digital that must go to streamer or dac
Or am I fully wrong?

Yes, you are wrong.

The procedural equalizer is used for advanced audio control configurations like digital crossovers…

The tools are there for manual creation of multiple filters that can serve as digital crossovers. Figure out for yourself.



May be I am wring, but a digital crossover is a lowpass filter for signals to be send to thd bass speaker and a high pass filter to dignal send to medium and high speaker
But in roon out put if I have let say , it installed in a. NUC , the output is usb to DAC
From dac to power amps there is no possibility to indicate which output for high or low frequencies out puts
Even If I had a streamer instead of a dac connected to Roon device, I do not see possible to implement active crossover in Roon

Yeah, still wrong. You may not have the other necessary hardware to output multiple bandpass signals, but Roon DSP most definitely has the capability for doing so.


Ok .Might you help me and explain how after installing the neccesary soft with dsp , shall be dinecthe connection from the roon core to the DAC?