Digital end-to-end

I just downloaded an album that was recorded in the Seattle area, on a friend’s recommendation (Jenny Scheinman, Here on Earth). HDTracks, 24/96.

And it occurred to me that here we have an all digital process, end to end. The recording studio recorded digitally, once it came out of the mic amps. Mix, published, delivered/downloaded digitally. Roon plays it, I apply room equalization digitally. It gets sent to the speakers in digital form. DACs in the speakers.

Of course this is not unique. It just struck me how far we have come.

And it sounds lovely.

I wasn’t in the studio, but I know somebody who was. Have to play it for him and ask for a comparison…

We do this regularly although only occasionally for limited release at The Little Rabbit Barn.

We record the bands direct to hard drive on our Mackie 32 Chanel PA system then J mixes the results on Pro Tools giving amazing results. We have examples on YouTube but I get all the digital files to enjoy via Roon.

These often sound better that the official CD releases to me and others have commented also.

We don’t mix them hot so we have plenty of dynamic range.
The live venue is conducive to getting the best from artists. We look after them very well and our wall of fame leaves them in no doubt that they are walking in the footsteps of giants which encourages them to raise their game.
This gives an energy that is often missing on a CD release. They have no opportunity to overdub or add anything. It’s live, its raw, it has the passion and all this comes across. Mid tour they are warmed up and at the top of their game.

Your correct, we have come along way. All I want now is an MQA plugin we can use in the mastering.

Thoughts, Chris