Digital Files still a Premium Price Why?

Just looking at some albums to add to my collection that I have been streaming off Tidal and now I want to own
but looking on Qobuz and HD tracks they are priced ridiculously high.compared to buying CD equivalent even for the CD quality versions. So I bought the CD’s instead of Amazon for less than one on Qobuz. Why does this overpricing still exist, surely its better for all for them to be less expensive, it has no packaging or shipping costs so is much more environmentally sound, artist will get a better deal than streaming. No wonder sales are dwindling and people stream from Spotify or Tidal. I buy them so I know the artist gets royalties they deserve, and as I have had releases disappear from streaming platforms I like to own titles I really play a lot. I guess its the same in video and games the difference is still higher to buy the digital release than own the physical media, In this day and age when digital is now a mature format it just seems archaic to me. Am i that wrong?


I find this with audiobooks also, there is no competition and as you say, no packing or delivery and yet still the price is high. I don’t expect the artists get the extra either.
I can only think that they are not wishing to or allowed to under cut the physical copy price…


I found 7digital pricing reasonable, albeit probably not less than I’d pay for the cd. On the + side there’s no wait except the negligible download time.

I’d not come across this site before and you’re right, the prices are reasonable … I may treat myself to an album or two.

I shop around on these sites: (from Canada) and sometimes prices are very different.

  • prostudiomasters always has 20% discount or more the first 2 weeks after release.
  • 7digital is usually cheaper than others (is closing soon)

I’ve been using ProStudioMasters for most of my purchases, but also form some of the others in the list above. I also recently tried Reference Music in San Francisco (limited catalog).

Whilst all are OK, I do baulk at the prices for hi res music, how can over $20 be justified? And also this schill game of Deluxe albums that include all takes and are often $50-60.

I’d buy a lot more if the prices were lower. For the moment though, much of my music comes via ripped CDs from SecondSpin. Abysmal packing, so the jewel cases are often broken in shipping, but I only save the CDs.

But they are CHEAP, and I can get good quality 44/16 flacs.

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