Digital Front End Question

Good Morning All, before I start ripping out the system and trying a few different things this weekend I’d appreciate your opinions. I have a few options regarding pathways through the system and would like to hear what heralded you the best results. The main two would be:

1 - PC/Server (other room) - Wifi - CXNv2 Streamer - PMA -A110 Integrated Amp (via Coaxial) - Speakers

2 - PC (Windows 10) - PMA -A110 Integrated Amp (via USB) - Speakers

I’ll be using the DAC in my PMA -A110 as I think it’s perfect for my listening tastes.

Many Thanks for any opinions,

Hi Ian

It is the same PC in no 1 and 2?

I would go the streamer way (no 1) but only if wifi is up to the job (I would try to connect using cable). I have not read the specs for the denon or CA (to compare coax to usb rates) but that comes into play only if you do upsampling before the dac.

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Yes Traian it would be the same PC. I have a strong wifi signal throughout the home and I can also hard wire. The coaxial is limited to 24/192 and usb is up to dsd 11.2. However I use Roon in Exclusive Mode as the Denon upsamples to 1.5mhz internally.


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I do not know if it is only about signal, but I do not know much about wifi. Always assumed cable is more reliable so on the wifi I use only the mobile devices. You can try, always is better without cables, if it doesn’t work ok just plug the cable.

I would use the streamer (if all you play is below 24/192) but also I would test to see what I like. If you find no difference then you can have a second end point using the CA.


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Whatever serves the core’s function, better to keep it wired.
Using WiFi is asking for trouble, especially with 2.4GHz.
You’ll get by with Remotes and Bridges, though.