Digital reboots not working

Just about every time I start Roon, I have to do multiple digital reboots to either get Roon to connect to my pc or stop scrolling through my music until it stops without playing anything. This wasn’t the case several updates ago.

my system consists of the following:
Roon Nucleus+
Sonore Signature Rendu optical
Uptone Audio Ethernet switch
Windows 10 Professional

I hope someone has an answer. This is driving me crazy.
All my other Roon endpoints work perfectly,

I assume you are referring to a Windows remote PC, as your core will be the Nucleus it’s not clear.

One suggestion is drivers, Windows updates often gives you wonderful gifts of THEIR drivers, try going to your PC video card manufacturer and download their driver.

As an example my wife’s PC lost sound after this weeks update , I had to uninstall and reapply the RealTech driver.

A little more detail of how you are wired up may help get some suggestions :pensive: