Digitized vinyl and metadata

I have a relatively large carefully digitized collection of vinyl in my data base. These albums are not recognized as being “worthy” of metadata by Roon. The titles of albums, artists, and songs are the original wordings. Is there a way to motivate Roon to include such albums in the metadata search?

I used vinyl studio to digitise and add metadata to mine and ROON recognises it all. I guess that’s no help though.

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Thanks, but indeed, it’s a bit late for my purpose.

I’m not sure I understand your question but have you tried setting Roon to use your file metadata rather than Roon’s metadata?

Presumably you have the album names correct and they are not rare one offs that no one has ever heard of. If that’s the case, can’t you just force Roon to identify the albums through the album/edit menu?

I run SongKong on my digitized albums, and the success rate is about 95%. SongKong will scan your whole directory and allow you to accept the results or not. I’m a little paranoid so I do each album as part of the digitizing process. Highly recommend SonkKong.

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I should have been more concrete, sorry: I point Roon to use my file data, so that’s not the problem. I just see that many times Roon does not find genres on the internet. Then, often the digitised albums are not listed in “albums in my library” etc.
I didn’t know Sonkkong, but will check it out. Thanks.
Thanks for all the hints.

If they are not in Roons metadata services then it won’t find them at all so you will just get your basic metadata. Also it will be looking to match to a digital copy not from vinyl, if track lengths, counts and order differ it won’t ever auto match so you may have to force a match in the Roon UI to the best that matches to a version in its database.

Thank you. That is what I suspected.

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