Digitizing and cloud storage backup

I am digitizing 10 thousand CD albums (I have half of them in fact ) that I transfer to a Synology NAS. But I want to ensure a second cloud-like protection. I want to avoid losing everything I’ve worked for. And that cloud would be connected to Roon. Which cloud is the most reliable and easy to access when you need it.
thank you

Hi @pierre_jubinville

I asked pretty much the same question here a week or so ago.

What I learnt is there is backup (without access) and backup with access. With access, it seemed users here liked Blaze. They do charge for downloading (streaming), but it is a very small fee.

If you purely want cloud backup the options are many, some here liked the Google service, I found idrive was very cheap for backup only as they were having a sale (I’m not sure if that’s available in all countries) & were well-reviewed. Speed of upload/download was also spoken about - Blaze some of the fastest apparently.

Further, some of the services don’t allow backup via a NAS on their standard service, others require that it must be mapped (easy to achieve).

I’m still thinking about it. Actually, I should make up my mind asap. :thinking:

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This is a bit off-topic, but if I were going to rip that many CD’s I’d condier one or two of these:

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Disk is cheap these days with very high capacity drives readily available. There is no support for cloud based music storage with access from roon at this point in time.

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Yes, but the logistics of off-site backup are messy and easy to get wrong. I have my Synology NAS incrementally backup all my digital downloads up to Google Drive, but my collection is relatively small (< 2000 albums). The NAS is itself a backup for the Roon Core’s SSD. I also backup the NAS onto USB hard drives, which I try to keep elsewhere. That used to be at work, but I’m WFH now. Recently I got a separate location for hard backups. But even when I was using my office for that, it was easy to forget to bring a recent backup there. Then and now, both sites are pretty close to the same major earthquake fault. So, for peace of mind, offsite cloud backup seems worth it.

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My point was more about the fact that the cloud option is not supported by Roon.

Also while moving drives around offsite is not always ideal, no amount of backup is effective if you never actually go through the motions to test restoring it, and cloud based restores are also not exactly a walk in the park.


I use my Apple iCloud storage. You can get up to 2TB of cloud storage for $10.00 a month. You don’t need that much right now if you are just storing the CDs you are ripping (assuming you are ripping them to 16bit FLAC or ALAC). You can get 256GB for $2.99 a month and 500GB for $4.99 a month. Since I use a MAC, I can set certain folders to upload new files into the cloud automatically. I don’t know how it integrates with a Windows machine, but it works flawlessly on a MAC and I hav e never had issues with reliability. I don’t think you can use iCloud, or any cloud storage, with Roon though.

Google Play has a cloud storage option as well. You can upload up to 50,000 songs for free. Each song has to be less than 300mb, which should be fine as a typical 4 minute FLAC song in 16bit 44.1 kHz is about 30mb. The google play app offers streaming from your cloud storage for free as well. I use this too so that I can play my lossless/Hi-Res music files on my iPhone.

Synology also has a cloud service for music stored on a Synology device. You can get 1TB for $6 a month, but you can only use it and access it with you NAS

I hope this helps!


An extremely important yet oft-forgotten point. Particularly these days where disk space is so cheap that we tend to just extend storage instead of cleaning up.

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I have two 14 g hard drives in the NAS. I have access to all my music in Roon. If I understand your valuable advice, I could transfer them for protection in a cloud such as Apple cloud, where google drive but that Roon would not see for me is really for increased protection and sleep in peace in case of hard drive crash. But no cloud is connected to Roon. That’s right.
And what about Dropbox ?

Roon will not use a cloud source directly for playback. The Dropbox option is only for doing a Roon Database Backup.

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I have many music files in onedrive, and Roon plays these fine. They are on my local machine, but mirrored in the cloud. I get 1TB of onedrive storage free with my Office365 subscription, and it seems an ideal place for cloud backups.

I use SyncBack Pro to disc but it supports sync with DropBox and others, I would need to get out of chair to list them :joy:

It syncs by difference, changes only