Diiference between Hiding an album and Grouping it with an alternate version?

Will a hidden album show up under Other Versions? If so, is there a UI indication that an album is hidden? Also if so, what is the functional difference between hiding an album and just grouping it with its alternate version?

The reason I ask is that I explicitly hid a version of an album, yet it still appears under the Other Versions button of the primary album – exactly the same as if I had grouped them.



Secondary versions of an album are automatically set as hidden.

Changing the setting in your screenshot will show all hidden albums in the various browsers and details pages, whether they were grouped automatically or manually, or just set to be hidden.

Other Versions will always show the grouped albums, regardless of the visibility setting.

So effectively no functional difference when dealing with multiple versions of the same album, correct? Roon has properly grouped my complete FLAC and complete ALAC album versions, but it has not been very effective at grouping my complete FLAC and partial AAC album versions. I blame myself for that, since many times I did not convert, or did not purchase, the entire album in the AAC format. All my ripped-as-FLAC albums have all the album tracks.

So if I hide an album for which only a single version exists, then the only way to see it again is to unhide via the settings dialog, find the album, and then explicitly unhide it. Is that correct?

Thanks for the quick response, Mike.


Yeah, the number of tracks needs to match for the duplicates to match automatically.

Do you mean hide, or group? If you group two versions of an album, you can find the other versions by opening the primary version and clicking Other Versions.

If you mean hiding, then yes, you’ll need to show hidden albums in Settings.

Okay. Thanks, Mike. That clarifies things.