Dio - Holy Diver - Recording Date


The album was released in 1983 so the recording date should be 1983 or earlier.

It would be great if the metadata provider could fix this.


Hi @papa.jay,

We’ve looked into this and confirmed that this issue is fixed in an upcoming update to our metadata service. Once this update becomes available you will see this corrected in your library. You have our apologies for the inconvenience!

hi @dylan,
fyi: the wrong recording date is still in the database of the metadata provider.

hi @dylan
the wrong recording date is still in the database

any idea when this will be fixed ?

Hi @papa.jay,

Just to confirm, this is a local album, correct? Can you share a screenshot of this album in it’s storage location (so we can see the folder structure)?

Do you have a recording date in the file tags? Can you share a screenshot of the tags here as well?


hi @dylan


This translates to

/mnt/RoonStorage_27271455bfa8eb93548a875715292796033fac69/Dio/Holy Diver/01-Stand Up And Shout.flac

if I click “Edit/Copy File Path To Clipboard” for the first track.

The files have a ORIGINALRELEASEDATE tag and a YEAR tag. Both are OK from my point of view because the dates of the orig.release and the release of the cd remaster. Here are the screenshots.

Problem is solved…


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