Dirac and Roon Ready

Can’t help but notice we still don’t seem to have any Roon Ready devices running Dirac Live. But we do have NAD M10, miniDSP SHD running Dirac and not Roon Ready – and certainly a sense of frustration from the vendors. Roon users caught in another turf war?

Oh - and the COO marshalling which threads they want this discussion in! A bit heavy handed IMHO.

[Note: For transparency - this topic was cut from another thread about the Roon Ready cutting support for non-certifiable devices; that was done by Roon Support. So I didn’t start it here. I have also changed the name from ‘Dirac vs Roon Ready’ to ‘Dirac and Roon Ready’. The Roon guys labelled it ‘vs’ - I do hope that wasn’t a freudian slip, but only time will tell]

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Hello @David_Gibbs,

No turf wars here, promise. In fact, there will be multiple certified Roon Ready devices implementing Dirac Live in the near future.


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Thanks John. I guess the proof is going to be in the pudding here - at present they do seem to be a bit of a standout exception with documented paths of ‘promises / hints / assertions’ in forums that haven’t eventuated, and now risk the devices.
So I look forward to some announcements / formal confirmation / proof points here and/or on vendor sites that this is happening.

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