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I would like to introduce my Dirac DLP plugin in the NUC. I been inform that DLP from Dirac is plugin and if Roon support AU, VST, or AAX plugins I will be able to use DLP with ROON.
Could you confirm and give a guidance for it ?
Thanks in advance for help

Hey @francisco_gaston,

We’re very sorry for having taken this long to reply… :pleading_face:

I wish I had a different answer to share, but, unfortunately this is not possible at this time as Roon does not support VST…

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Ok but I have read that Mini DSP support Dirac and ROOM. And Mini DSP is Roon Ready. Can I use Mini DSP as a ROON nucleus isntead of my NUC Intel and use dirac filter there?

Hey @francisco_gaston,

The fact that the Mini DSP is Roon Ready it does not mean it can be used as a Roon Core. On the contrary, it remains an audio endpoint that is certified by Roon. We explain what this means to you here:

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