Dirac Live filter file for Roon

I have an Emotiva XMC-1 which natively uses Dirac live to build its surround sound calibration file. I recently performed this room correction for my surround sound processor, the XMC-1.

I was looking at the frequency response graph and noted a pretty steep drift down at the HF end of the spectrum. I isolated left right channels then manually played with Roon’s DSP engine adding filters to boost the areas that were as much as 6DB down.

I was very pleased with the results. I generally stay clear from room correction in 2 channel but Roon correction DSP is sounding great :slight_smile: Now I’m thinking that I may be able to import this file into Roon through convolution. Questions I have is whether a surround sound file would even work as a stereo filter file in Roon (would it automatically weed out the surround sound channels) and what file extension would I use?

I too ran Dirac on my XMC-1 and was fairly happy with the results but needed to boost the bass as my speakers are open baffle and I found Dirac dropped it off to much in the bass area. Maybe the full Dirac for Emotiva might be a better option. I now have to do my other XMC in the HT room…but that one is less used with music but still might be worth trying.

I tried inputting the text file created from XMC’s Dirac into Roon but it’s a no go. Wrong file extension. I could use REW but I’m so busy with life in general, don’t have the time to devote to that process. I was hopeful a simple export of the XMC’s Dirac file would work.

Besides, music is sounding so very good. The Microrendu glued to the Lindemann DSD 25 is a combo that’s magic. Need to write a review but life keeps getting in the way of my hobby.

Is there already a work around? I have a dedicated audio pc running roon and dirac. I use dirac for room correction being an output filter in roon. All is being transferred to my PinkFaun DAC using I2S bridge.

Above works however I think it would make more sense to have indeed all in done in roon (also using the upsample function). What I search for us doing my room correction with dirac and get this file into roon. It is for me okay to run additional software to make the files compatible. I am not considering to add the dirac suggestions manually to the roon EQ.

Looking forward to some insights, thanks.

Running Dirac filters in Roon (without using Dirac) is almost certainly not going to happen. For example, that would enable people to buy one license of Dirac and share the cost, and then use Dirac for several room corrections in several rooms.

Not to mention download a trial of Dirac and generate room correction and use it from Roon only, even after trial expired.

I am sure I read about a room correction guide using REW on this forum though, in case you want to do all in Roon :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

one can simply modify the target curve in Dirac and obtain exactly the desired result boosting the bass as required.
Additional control points can be added at will so that the target will be very precisely tuned.

:slight_smile: Flavio