Dirac multichannel sound correction with Roon

Now that I have made the plunge into Roon, it’s time to focus on some sound correction for my miniDSP multichannel setup. I understand that Roon can do DSP if I use REW for measurements. However, I would prefer to use Dirac, if possible.

My setup for Roon server is my i7 CAPSZuma server built by Small Green Computer running W2012R with AO.

For two channel audio in my main system, I’ve been quite pleased with the simple use of Audyssey XT32 in my Marantz 7702 preamp. However, the miniDSP output is analog and Marantz doesn’t apply Audyssey to the multichannel analog input on the preamp. My speaker system is a 5.2 with two subwoofers, which the Marantz is handling for two channel audio. Muddy sounding bass in multichannel with no sound correction. Maybe now is finally the time for Dirac.

A few preliminary questions:

  1. Can Dirac nowadays be installed and configured on a W2012R server with the VST plug, run under AO and work with Roon?

  2. As I am abandoning JRiver but for using JRemote to stream outside of my home, what would I use for bass management in the i7 server in front of Dirac and Roon? I assume I can’t run BM in JRiver and output it to Dirac and then through Roon, correct?

  3. Since I have other Roon bridge two channel setups at home, can Dirac be configured to apply sound correction in the i7 core individually for each Room bridge-connected DAC and its locale in the home, assuming of course I run measurements in Dirac for each room?

Thanks. JCR

Bumping this up for Roon team to consider. Thanks. JCR