Direct copy of music from Sooloos on QNAP

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini i5 32GB & 512 MB SSD with LaCie 6TB mirrored drives With T3 connection

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear 24 port gigaswitch G5324
Old custom PC with AMD processor w Windows 10

Connected Audio Devices

Meridian 861

Library Size

~1750 CDs

Description of Issue

I previously (2 +yrs ago) using Windows exported my Sooloos on QNAP music and copied it to my LaCie storage and Roon on Mac picked them up.

But, for some unknown reason, perhaps 100 CDs apparently did not export and are unavailable.

Can I do a simple copy from the QNAP to my LaCie and pick them up? I’d much prefer to proceed without the old PC and export process again as it’s been sitting aside unused for >18 months.

All ideas appreciated. Thank you.