Direct hookup of Nucleus+ to Devialet

Nucleus+ does not support this.

You can use static ip however.

Wasn’t sure if the Devialet could be configured for static, that would definitely work as well.

according this to post it can be:

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Take your time … but when out, it should be full-proof !!

Any Time Lines you can commit ??

You mentioned building an LPS but it is my understanding Nucleus is supplied with one. Not so?

No, it is not supplied with one. There will be an option, but we’d like to get the base product out first.

We are in mass production now, and we are dying to ship ASAP… but I can’t commit to anything.


Wasn’t having a go, it was probably my wording, but meaning unsure if I go for Nucleus or stick with Antipodes (I’ve changed the wording in my post to make it more clear).

Is there more info regarding the full features and specs of Nucleus, and any pricing, as would then make it easier for me to decide to stick or twist. Like you said better to wait for robust product to be delivered rather than ongoing issues.

I’m a lifetime Roon membership so don’t have doubt in your product, as I said above just doubt in which product I should go for.


PS Are there any Australian distributors in the plans?

Interdyn is the Australian distributor. Unsure who their dealers are.


Interdyn are also the Devialet distributor, so I’ll ask them if they have info on the Nucleus

They don’t :slight_smile: If they say they do, it’s old info.

They wont have updated information until next week or two… hopefully.


No furries (changed in case someone doesn’t get my Aussie humour before).

Will give them a call and ask them to put me on their list when the info comes through :+1:

Danny, who do we place an order on in the UK please? Happy to get on the waiting list.


End users usually go through dealers since the product is meant to be turn-key/installed. There will be a published list of dealers when we release. You can also place orders directly with us if you are familiar with Roon already.

Thanks for the prompt reply Danny.

Yes I have a life licence of Roon, but my PC that I was running it on expired at the weekend (the silent running fan seemed to be running in overtime recently) and I am just building a new PC to replace it but I think that I would prefer a NUC based unit to run Roon on.

See this.

Good day to all,

Since I’m a new Roon user and Devialet owner, I decided to ask my questions to this thread.

I’ve rencently tried Roon and loved it. I looked around and decided to buy a SonicTransporter i7 AP (because I still have 1000’s of cds to rip) with internal and external ssd.

The Sonictransport is connected directly to a network plug in my house and (that goes to my router downstairs) and the “Ethernet out” (sorry for lack of proper vocabulary) goes directly to the Devialet (no micro or ultra rendu etc…)

There is also a usb cable out of the sonictransport that goes to the Devialet (I’ve added a Ifi IPurifier 2 just before the Devialet).

That way (for now) I have two ways of sending music to the Devialet.

Using Ethernet : it actually sounds quite nice and natural, with lots of space and air. However, the mids are a bit lessened. What I also like about the Ethernet, is the ability to power up the Devialet and control its volume with Roon.

Using USB : the sound is just a bit fuller (mids are brought forward) and nearer. No big deal, but when using this input, i need to use the Devialet remote to change input and to control the volume. (Unless you guys have a better way of doing this).

In short, I’m asking for some advice. I’ve read multiple post raving about devices such as the micro rendu or ultra, or signature (and other makers too). I understand computers are noisy (and this is why I chose all SSD for the sonictransport, as I wanted a quiet dedicated device). However, from what I understand, those devices will take an Ethernet stream and transfer it to the DAC via usb (therefore, if I understand, I would loose the ability to power up and control of the Devialet via Roon).

What am I missing ? How could i better my setup ? Could I really get a more precise signal to my Devialet by adding a component in the chain?

BTW : I’m also feeding a chord hugo2 and a Sony TA-ZHE1S via usb directly and I play around by having either Roon or the DACs doing the upsampling etc… frankly these are all variations of good to great (to me anyway).

I’m not an audiophile and don’t have proper vocabulary. What I do for a living is conduct orchestras (classical music) so what I hear on a daily basis (90+ professional musicians playing right in front of me) is pretty hard to beat, so I’m usually going to be disappointed when I sit at home in front of my system (unless I listen to other genres, which I’m doing more and more). What I want is just to find a way to enjoy more what I listen to at home, a more natural and realistic experience.

Finally, I just want to add that I’m eventually looking to upgrade my full system to a PS Audio (I had the chance of visiting music room 1 at PS audio recently, and I believe in what they do greatly) so if anybody knows of a PS Audio device that does (network bridge ??) what the sonore or others are doing, I’d be interested.

Many thanks for your attention.


I’m not sure why your system can’t use Roon to turn the volume up or down on the Devialet and also turn it on or off. I use the Devialet remote 70% time, but if I’m sitting on my laptop the other 30% I use Roon for the Volume and power on/off.

When you click on the Volume bottom right of Roon a pop up box appears with not only additional volume options, but you can also turn on/off.


Have you tried just connecting one at a time, there is the possibility of having 2 grounds connected between the server and the Devialet, it might sound better with just one connected.

To get volume control on the Ethernet connection you need to have it set to device volume in the Roon settings.



Thank you.

I think my
Post must have been confusing. I can control the devialet (power up and volume) via Ethernet.

It’s when I use the usb connection that it doesn’t work.
Choosing Devialet Ethernet (zone) in roon will automatically power devialet up or toggle the input to Eth on the devialet. Choosing the Devialet (usb) zone in roon, I still have to use the Devialet remote to toggle the input to usb. And of course, if the devialet is in standby mode, the Devialet usb zone won’t even appear in the zones.

As I said, this is no big deal, what I’m mostly looking for is advice as too introducing another component in the chain.

Thanks Chris.

As replied to @Celts88 my Devialet Eth is working fine. Usb is less convenient but works good.

I did try many times to have just Eth and just usb connected. It sounds as described in my first post (2 different but good signatures) I’m looking for ways to improve upon that.