Disable automatic creation of single track compositions

I never interested much in Compositions feature unless I realised that Queue in Roon 1.3 actually shows composition titles - not track titles: (Track title preference is ignored in Queue). Probably this could be fixed, but then I’ve discovered that Roon creates composition for almost every track with titles coming from Roon metadata. The problem is that I’ve set a global preference for title to be originated from file tags. So a huge list of automatically created compositions with uncontrolled titles is a real mess for my library and I don’t need it - unless I really have several versions of same song. And my feature request is to delete all single track compositions from database and don’t create them anymore. Probably this could be optional if someone finds current behaviour useful.

Hi @vladimirkl,

For single-track compositions, Roon displays the track title, not the work name. If you have set a global preference for your own file tag track titles and these are not being displayed, that’s most likely a bug.

Moving to support to verify. @support

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Hi @vladimirkl ---- Thank you for the feedback, we’ll have a look and see what we come up with.