Disable "featured artist" suggestion

New to Roon, running V. 1.7 (500) on Mac OS 10.13
My main window (see screenshot attached) has a bottom section with a “featured Artist” - questions:
Who selects this artist? Why is it there in the first place? Artists I have never heard of, and they play a music genre I never even listen to…what’s the point?
How to disable this completely?


Sorry, never mind - I’ve already uninstalled Roon again, not for me.

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Hi @Casper_Pedersen and @Twisty_Digits,

Apologies for the late response on this one! It appears that this one slipped by the team initially.

These Featured Artists are generated from artists that exist in your library. There are currently no options for adjusting how these picks work. I can’t make any guarantees or provide timelines, but we are hoping to improve this feature in the future.


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