Disable Multi part compositions for all albums

Any way to apply to all rather than changing each album?

Thank You

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Hi @thomas_clark1,

This option can only be set on a per-album level. You can globally set Roon to prefer file tags for composition grouping, but that will just use your tags rather than disabling completely.

Hi, I am trying Roon on demo. This multi-part work feature is really annoying me with queue management. I haven’t asked Roon to do this for me, but it is getting in my way.

Can the instructions for disabling this be posted? Thanks.

Edit: found out how. But I have to do this per album? really?

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it’s a weird thing. It just randomly does it to some of my albums. Still cannot fathom why it even exists

I can see the value of this as an option, to bundle certain tracks together as a piece, but system-level control would be helpful. I have many TV and film scores where individual tracks within a multi-part work are great favourites. Queue management of these was very awkward until I found that multipart can be disabled at an album level.

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I like to shuffle my library.
it will jump from album/folder to album folder playing a single track…you know "Shuffle "
it then lands on something it defines as multi composition and then begins to shuffle within that album.
Just makes no sense within that context

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