Disable "Smooth Scrolling" - Please?

Hi Roon Team,

This is not so much a bug report, as I feel Roon functions as intended but the “smooth scrolling” when using a mouse scroll wheel as implemented in Roon 2.0 feels unnatural so much so that it strains my wrist when using it trying to somehow sync the scroll to the actual motion performed with the mouse.

Would it be possible to at least add an option to disable this?

(I’m mainly using Roon on a Mac Desktop, but this seems to be standard across roon 2.0 with a mouse)

Many thanks for considering.

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Thanks @jamie for moving this to feature suggestions!

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Can’t believe that I am the only person who’s got an issue with the unnatural scrolling. I actively avoid using Roon on my Desktop computer because of this.

Using the mouse to scroll is a level zero (basic) system interaction that’s deeply rooted into one’s muscle memory and any divergent behaviour results in an unnatural awareness, and, in some cases physical muscle pain.

Development guidelines for all platforms consider not altering basic system behaviour part of their basic best practices. Why Roon would choose to mess with this is beyond me.

Thankfully using a trackpad or touchscreen works as expected - which, while i am extremely happy, makes Roon UX inconsistent.

Would it be possible to at least know the rationale behind implementing this?

Many thanks!