Disable tidal "adverts" on overview

I really dont want to see tidal advertising new albums, top albums and playlists at me every time i go to roon overview. None of the list contents are ever of interest to me and I feel that after paying for a premium service I shouldn’t have to be advertised at.

Can this be disabled?

Don’t subscribe to Tidal I suppose, try Qobuz and see if that’s any better.
In overview, I get featured artist then genres and have to scroll down before I even see Tidal.

New albums etc are a service to me not an advert. You can’t hide them.

That’s fair enough but don’t you think roon/tidal should allow us to choose? I’m just asking for a feature (or to show me how) to customise these parts of the overview page just like its possible to hide the roonlabs discussion adverts.

You can ask.

I’m new here. Is this asking or do I need to post elsewhere for roon to hear?

The team look at the forums all the time. However, being realistic a single request for a change is unlikely to get a response or the requested change. The new albums feature wasn’t synching as quick as people were used to recently and there were multiple people posting so in current numbers more like the feature than don’t.

this! please allow the customization of the overview page. these tidal recommendations are of no use at all!!

With the ‘New Releases For You’ feature now getting more functions (filters), I really think we don’t need the ‘New Albums/Tidal’ feature anymore. It would be great if we could disable some stuff, but for example could display something like ‘heavy rotation’ or ‘recently played’ (which is exactly what Spotify shows on its homepage!) instead or a custom tag … so the feature I really want is a customization of the overview page: I'd like to be able to define my own home page