Disable USB power

Harry is it possible to add an option to turn of the 5v power to the usb sockets. Having read up that turning this off helps DACs that have their own power for SQ (Stack Audio Link supports this). It maybe pie in the sky but would like to try it. Is there a way I could try it via SSH to see even though I know it will overwrite at reboot?

Nope, sorry that’s not possible.
The Link has this done in hardware (simply ‘cutting’ the wire).

Hmm read it’s possible, number of threads about it. But fine if its not possible in Ropieee. Does this possibly stop the whole port from working to?

How to turn USB port power on and off in Raspberry PI 4 - Stack Overflow.

This one to.

Ow! That’s new to me, interesting.

But yes, you are basically deviating from the USB standard. That’s the reason why it’s a switch on the Link, as there are many devices out there who can’t handle it. My Chord Hugo does btw.

I’ll look into this!


Thanks Harry.