Disabling Allo DigiOne in DietPi, RoonBridge problem

Several threads are floating around with the same problem (two noted at the end of this post). @mike @Eric

I am running DietPi with an Allo DigiOne installed. All has been going well until about a month or so ago (I think with the last Roon update). Occasionally I have to reboot the Pi because Roon won’t play a track to it. It pauses for about 20 seconds, then cycles through the rest of the playlist/album in a similar way. Roon will play to ShairPlay on same Pi. It will play to a DragonFly directly connected to the Core. If I reboot the Pi, all is good. Until the next time. And the next time is becoming very frequent as you can see from the time stamps I have been reporting to folks with Roon.

So, my question here is, how do I disable using the DigiOne from within DietPi and just use USB output as I did before? I think I just choose a new sound card, but which one?


The common denominator is we’re using Digione and Rasberry Pi. That would be a good way to determine which of the two is causing this very annoying problem. Unfortunately I am not good with any of this, that’s why I am using Ropieee.

Where you selected you sound card in DietPi setup, there is also a selection for USB output.

BTW - I’ve noticed, from lurking in this forum, that there are problems with using the DietPi image supplied from Allo. If you are using an image supplied directly from Allo, you might try burning a new DietPi image from scratch. Just a thought.

I have several RPi/DietPi setups, some going to USB and one going to HiFIBerry. All without problems, so I don’t think it’s a RPi/DietPi problem.

I am using a DietPi image not the GUI one supplied by Allo.

Hmmm. Is JustBoom the selection i should make to bypass the Allo?

I set up a Pi/DigiOne endpoint at my girlfriend’s house. Running DietPi I found it would usually have crashed during the week and the Pi would need to be restarted. I was using an SD card burned from the DietPi site as the Allo supplied card was defective.

I’ve now installed Ropieee on the Pi/DigiOne but have not yet given it a long enough run to know whether it is performing better. I have set Ropieee to reboot every morning at 4am, which may make a difference.

Why would you use JustBooom? Do you have a JustBooom HAT?

No, you have a DigiOne, right?

If you want USB output, then -

dietpi-config --> Audio Options --> Sound card --> usb-dac

Just like you specified DigiOne, only specify usb-dac.

I was asking because I could not remember what it was set to before I added the DigiOne and I remember JustBoom being one of the few options.

It might, though now I have this problem more than once a day.

Is it possible to schedule a daily reboot in DietPi?

Also, define what you mean by crash. Mine never crashes. Only RoonBridge fails.

Trust me. Follow this.

Yes, if you understand Linux and can write a cron.

Mine is set to reboot everyday as well. It will work most of the day then suddenly Roon cannot connect to Allo Digione. The OP’s description here of what happens is the exactly what I experience. It shows in Roon as there, but it just will not play until Ropiee is rebooted.

Just happened again, here is the Ropieee feedback: 35907f27c9f1f80e

Hopefully Harry will look into this help us narrow down the issue.


DigiOne is easily disrupted by any static electric discharge into the system. Does not require actual contact with the DigiOne. Mine kept getting disrupted when I would touch the volume knob on my preamp. This is a known issue with the DigiOne,
and causes exactly the behavior described here.

Allo has a hardware fix for this. They replaced both of my DigiOne boards with a version modified to reduce the static sensitivity. I was rebooting daily before the fix, but the modified boards have been rock stable for weeks. Apparently the mod is pretty simple and can be done by the end user as well.

Just contact Johan at Allo. He’s very responsive and the fix is very worthwhile.

I have a new one coming too. You can’t fault Allo. They stand by their products and rectify any problems promptly and without argument.

I received a replacement a month ago, the v2 board. No problems or reboots since. Allo is awesome. Now just waiting for the new cases to be released!